Top 13 Ways To Decrease Breast Cancer Risk


Nowadays, women struggle with breast cancer during their lifetime, and if this disease is diagnosed within time, you can protect yourself from cancer risk. When it comes to breast cancer, considering it appears and doesn’t always run in families but affects people individually. There are so many other things you can do to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Here in this blog, we will share the ways of decreasing breast cancer risk. Have a look

Balance Diet

It’s essential to pick out the different food choices to help breast cancer. Make sure you have kept a balanced diet in your routine. Focus on veggies, fruits, beans, and whole grains added to your plate. Reserve one portion of lean protein in your diet such as poultry or fish, and add a plant-based diet for a healthy life.

Limit The Consumption of Alcohol

Women addicted to alcohol would develop breast cancer risk more than other women. All you need to do is to limit alcohol consumption. Rehab centers In Miami Florida offer the best treatment facilities, from regular interval therapy to intensive outpatient services for recovery. If you are living in Florida then you can take your loved ones there for treatment to get rid of this abuse. Alcohol consumption increases breast cancer chances, so you need to get rid of this abuse by taking recovery treatment from rehab centers .

Avoid Smoking

Get rid of smoking to get rid of breast cancer disease. Tobacco is linked to higher chances of breast cancer, especially in women who haven’t gone through menopause. It’s important to find out the age of smoke when you started and how long it will continue. If you are a smoker, consult with a doctor to help you quit.

Get To Know About Type Of Tissue

Every breast is different and if you have less fatty flesh but milk glands are more, they are called dense. It can increase the breast cancer risk and make the cells abnormal. Mammograms are the way of measuring the tissue type. People who have dense breasts then consult with a doctor to lower the chances of breast cancer. Make sure you have gone through an advanced screening test.

Indulge Yourself In Physical Workouts

Regular activity is essential because it reduces breast cancer risk. Make sure you spend a maximum of 150 minutes of exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous workouts within a week. Go for a regular walk and start doing lightweight exercises rather than intense workouts to keep yourself active and engaging.

Focus Your Birth Control

Well, hormonal forms of contraception such as pills are linked to a higher chance of breast cancer. It would protect you against certain tumors. The doctor would help you think about how things can be managed to reduce breast cancer chances. Birth control can compare with the reliability and health benefits of different types of birth control. They would help you to know what is best for you.

Increase the Fiber Intake

Although you can find fiber in grains, veggies, fruits, and beans make sure you eat plenty of foods to lower the risk of breast cancer. A Fiber-rich diet is good for your health and lowers diabetes and heart disease. It helps to prevent tumors, and scientists are researching to understand.

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Avoid Light Exposure

Avoid too much light exposure because it increases the risk of breast cancer. This hormone is called melatonin which allows your body to let you sleep. People who are trying to control the light should use blackout shades, sleeping masks, and low watt bulbs in the bathroom to help.

Get the vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for the body because sunlight is the reliable way to get vitamin D. Although you can take vitamin D through foods such as salmon, oysters, sardines and fortified foods like milk and orange juice. If you are not getting this nutrient, then the risk of breast cancer would be increased. Take this in the form of a supplement and talk to a doctor for further assistance.

Perform Self Breast Exam Every Month

It has been suggested to most women to examine breasts every month. You will recognize the baseline lumps, and something feels is the key to recognize. Women who have lumpy breasts would say it’s natural, but do you know lumps feel different from breast tissue? You would see the change in size or shape of the breast visually. It would help to recognize the breast to avoid cancer risk.

Maintain Normal Weight

People who are overweight should pay attention to controlling this because there are several other diseases, including heart and diabetes, triggered due to obesity. Body fat produces estrogen, which increases the breast cancer risk. It’s essential to keep in mind the ideal weight because obesity and being overweight raise the breast cancer risk from 30 to 60 percent.

Breastfeed Baby

Breastfeeding isn’t feasible for all women, but as per the searches, women who breastfeed have a mostly decreased risk of breast cancer. Breastfeeding delays the menses after childbirth and lowers the exposure of estrogen over a lifetime, which increases the risk of breast cancer right after menopause.

Avoid Misinformation

Lots of misinformation occurs about breast cancer, so make sure you know everything about this. A mammogram is an important screening tool that will not spread the tumor. It won’t raise the risk, especially when you shave the underarms or antiperspirants. Wearing a bra or any other type won’t affect your health.

These are the ways to decrease breast cancer risk. Make sure you people have done detailed research rather than considering myths. Get the help of a doctor to know everything about this fatal disease. Do share your experience with us if you ever had this disease and how you overcame this.

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