Some Common Types Of Drug Screening Tests

The need for the drug screening is considerably increasing with the number of drug abusers increasing day by day. This technique has been in the use since past few years, as a large proportion of population, almost of each age group, is indulging in the drug abuse. Well, I think the drug screening tests are the need of hours that can detect the suspected individual for drug addiction.

Now- a- days, the drug testing have been used at almost all the places ranging from different kinds of workplaces to educational institutions, using the Drug Testing Company. The screening is not only limited to these places, as it is now being used even in houses using the home drug testing kits.

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With the increased demands of such tests, there is the dearth need of having deep inside of the types that are being commonly used among the people. That is the reason, I am going to explain the 3 common types of the drug screening tests that are being used in the present age.

3 Common Types of Drug Screening Tests:

Depending upon the type of samples used, the common drug screening tests can be classified as:

#1: Urine Test:

By far, urine test is the most commonly used type of the drug testing that implies the use of urine as a sample to determine the presence of drugs or not. This kind of the drug testing is being carried out using two ways that is either instant or in the laboratory. So, if any institution needs the instant results, this test can be handy that provide the immediate results on the spot, where the samples are collected. However, the instant results need to be verified by the laboratory for confirmation. This kind of testing is inexpensive, especially the instant one, but as mentioned, must be confirmed by labs after.

#2: Saliva Testing:

Sometimes referred to as oral fluid testing, saliva testing is another common type of drug screening that can also be performed using an instant testing kit or in the laboratory. The difference with in the two types is same as that of the urine testing, that the results of instant ones need to be verified in labs. This type of the test can detect the immediate use of the drugs that cannot be detected by the urine test. However, the long term use of drugs cannot be detected with this type of the drug test.

#3: Hair Follicle Test:

This type of test requires the several strands of hair for testing. This kind of the test is only performed in the laboratory with the decent equipment, using different techniques. This hair testing can detect the long term use of drugs, even for the several months.

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