Atomoxetine Medication Guide

Atomoxetine is an active substance of the known medication Strattera but it is also used for the production of other drugs. The indication for the use of Atomoxetine is ADHD.

Previously, the condition had been neglected and no medications were used for its management. Fortunately today the problem is acknowledged and solved by the creation of such attention stabilizers as Atomoxetine.

The medication is available as a branded product and cheaper generic version. To buy Strattera cheap, do not overpay for the brand and look for generic Strattera at online drugstores instead.

Who can use the medication?

Although ADHD is mostly diagnosed in children, it is also common in teens and adults. Strattera or Atomoxetine is used namely for these categories of patients as it isn’t studied for kids younger than six years. If you believe that your kid has ADHD, make sure to find a specialist working with children and follow his or her recommendations.

Although the medication is considered safe for kids older than six years and adults, we advise you to talk to your doctor about the possibility of using Atomoxetine before you buy generic Strattera. It is indeed possible to get the medication without a prescription from an online drugstore such as RxShopMD but we still encourage you to get checked and use the pills only if your doctor approves.

When is the use of the medication prohibited?

The formulation must not be used in kids younger than six years, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in glaucoma, and if an individual also uses the medications from the group of Monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

If you have any chronic conditions such as heart problems, blood pressure elevation, or others and take any medications, inform your doctor beforehand.

Is it possible to get the medication cheaper and without Rx?

The pills should be taken regularly for the optimal effect. Thus, you will need to spend quite a lot of money if you opt for the branded drug. Opt for an online purchase of the medication at an online drugstore that is able to sell it without Rx and look for a generic instead of the branded medication to pay less per pill.

Do not worry about the quality of generics, all of them are tested and approved. You can also look for the generics made by a certain generic-making company that you trust so you could enjoy the treatment without any doubts and worries.

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