Windows Server 2008 Password: How to Change it with Ease?

Login passwords have been taken as the first line to protect malicious attacks. Meanwhile, problems on Windows Server 2008 password, say, how to get Windows Server 2008 password reset, have also been big concerns for its users. Here, I want to share with you my tips on how to change Windows Server 2008 password in the easiest way.

Your current Windows Server 2008 password is accessible…

In our daily use process, we may find our Windows Server 2008 password not safe anymore. In this case, we may have to change our password or get Windows Server 2008 password reset. Besides, it is said that the longer we keep the same password, the easier it is for someone to access our private data. According to the Information Technology Department at Utah State University, we’d better change our passwords every six months. Once the password is stolen, thieves can steal the files, infect hard drive with a virus, and pretend that they are owners when conducting online transactions, especially if we use the same password for several different websites. Try to change your old Windows Server 2008 password to a new one with the guide of the following steps. Here I take Windows Server 2008 R2 as an example.

Method 1: Change your current password via Remote Desktop

Log into your server via Remote Desktop -> Right click on Computer and select Manage -> Double click Configuration -> Select Users in Local Users and Groups window -> Click on Administrator -> Click on Set Password -> Click on Proceed -> Type your new password and click on OK.

Method 2: Change your current password via Ctrl + Alt + Del 

Log into your server using the current password -> Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to the Windows Security page -> Click on the Change Password -> Input the current password -> Type the new password -> Retype your new password to confirm it and click on OK.

You lost your current password…

When you have forgotten or lost your Windows Server 2008 password, to change your password to a new one may a more complex process. Before you’re going to change your password, you can firstly check your password hint and make efforts to recall your lost password. If you have a password reset disk prepared in advance, you can change your password by inserting it into your locked Windows Server 2008 PC and then follow the guide. In the case that you have another administrator account, try to log in via the admin account and then change your password via the admin account. If you are experienced in installing Windows systems, you can also have a try. When all the above-mentioned methods are failed to change your lost Windows Server 2008 password, you’d better make use of a powerful Windows password resetter, such as John the Ripper and Anmosoft Windows Password Reset. It is supposed to be the easiest and most quickly way to change forgotten Windows Server 2008 password.

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