Samsung Present the Smartest Phablet: Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung has gifted the world again with a remarkable handy device, making your day a much easier one. Among the enormous products launced by samsung till date, the samsung galaxy note 2 N7100 is the product which shows the company’s adaptive capacity and it brings the brand an iconic status. This latest creation of samsung is an inspirational device is equipped with all succcess formulas.

This smartphone, which is actually a blend of a tablet and a phone, has taken the competition of the mobile market to the next level. Setting new limits for the market this 5.3” smartphone has crossed all the levels of competancy and has landed hgheron the customers demand.

Having twice the processing speed and the new screen of larger size, the samsung galaxy note II has also got a better battery. Overcoming the biggest drawback of smartphones, the samsung galaxy note II has got a battery that lasts longer than its previous models. Now let’s have a closer look to the key features of this phablet for better understanding of latest creation of samsung.

The key features

First time ever the 5.5” 16M- color AMOLED HD touchscreen has been given in this phablet which has a resolution of 720*1280 pixels. The phablet supports quad-band GSM and also the quad-band 3G. There is a S-Penactive stylus which has a deep system integration. The operating system is the android OS v4.1 also with touch Wiz launcher. This phablet is available with 16/32/64 GB internal memory and micro SD slot. The other features of samsung galaxy note II are that there is NFC support, FM radio, gyroscope, accelerometer and the proximity sensor, a stereo bluetooth v4.0, micro USB port with USB host, a wonderful audio quality, standard audio jackof 3.5mm, 1.9 MP secondary camera supporting video call, and amny more stuff to make your day a easy one.

A few things that you can certainly overlook

This gadget is not only stuffed with goodness, there is still something that can make you a little disappointed. The phablet is having some disadvantage also in which no dedicated camera key is the first one to be stated. Next is its size. Yes the large size of samsung galaxy note II N7100 makes its single hand operation a bit troblesome. Your idea of using the phablet aas a handy phone can be disappointed because of its size. The phablet is all made up of plastic, which surely is not good but the weight would have rousen very high if anything other than plastic would have been used. The last major disadvantage is that the S pen is not as good as the Note 10.1.

Leaving these few things aside the samsung galaxy note II N7100 is the smartest phone ever launched.  Designed to serve you with its best the samsung galaxy note II N7100 has a got a slim structure which enhabces its look. If you are thinking of having a tablet then you must think over this phablet launched by samsung. Its features can serve your needs well being the latest in the market.

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