Your Finger: It’s Print Tells No Lies

There are a variety of methods for detecting illicit drug usage:  urine, blood, hair, saliva, and sweat.  Yes, even one’s perspiration can give a person away.  A widely-used procedure of attaching special adhesive pads on a person’s body, to be worn for an extended period of time, has been one way in which human sweat can be collected for analysis.  But thanks to technological advancements, a completely new sweat-gathering method for determining drug usage has emerged—using the sweat pores from a person’s fingerprint!  This is a new area of expertise that offers a whole new range of benefits and opportunities.   Fingerprinting has been an invaluable tool for identification and investigative purposes for the past 100 years; but now it has now taken on a whole new dimension.

Intelligent Fingerprinting:

A small, hand-held device analyzes human sweat that is excreted from one’s fingerprints to determine drug usage; and this realm of evaluation is known as Intelligent Fingerprinting.  Scientists have developed this little marvel to produce the evaluating and the imaging of anyone’s fingerprint with astounding ease and accuracy.  Small disposable cartridges are located inside the device, which ultimately, regulate the test results.  These cartridges do not require a specialist to handle nor do the cartridges pose any bio-hazardous concern or threat.   And to top it off, results are available within just a few, short minutes.

An Invaluable Tool:

Wide-range applications for utilizing this technology include workplace drug testing (especially in those environments where safety is of the essence such as hospitals and construction sites), criminal justice forensic science, homeland security, correctional facilities including prisons and youth incarceration communities as well as roadside testing for drivers who indicate impaired driving.

Currently, these types of drugs are detectable using Intelligent Fingerprinting:

** Cocaine

** Methadone

** Morphine

** Cannabis

As this technology continues to become more perfected, it shows great promise for identifying not only illicit drugs, but non-illicit drugs, in addition to other health markers which could reveal if one has heart disease or if one is a diabetic candidate, etc.

Intelligent Fingerprinting technology is on the verge of having the advanced capability of analyzing a latent fingerprint to disclose the diet, ethnicity and gender of a suspected criminal!

Indisputable Results:

A fluorescent dye bonds with micro-particles within the perspiration and yields an image that tells the tale.  The technology involved is so minutely procedural, it would thwart any hopeful attempts to contaminate the results.

Intelligent Fingerprinting is a milestone in the field of investigation and has proven itself to be so accurate, trouble-free and convenient, it is being rapidly and fully embraced world-wide which is impressive considering it came on the market in 2012.

A team of gifted scientists worked together to make Intelligent Fingerprinting a reality.  Highly skilled individuals from the fields of micro-fluidics, optics, electronics, software, and industrial and mechanical design combined their brain-power to invent a mobile, hand-sized device that actually contributes, in its own special way, towards making our world a little more safe and a little more sane.

What an accomplishment!

Karen is a grandmother of three grandsons who enjoys writing when she has the time.  She covers the topic of drug testing.  For more on drug testing, check out

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