3 Celebs Who Wear Waist Trainers—and Think You Should Too

Waist training is a controversial subject that is surrounded by both skepticism and support. Some women swear by it, while others maintain that it is just a big scam designed to draw in ‘lazy’ women who aren’t willing to work toward their weight loss or other fitness goals.

The truth is that waist training works differently for different people. Not every woman sees the same results, but that doesn’t mean the whole thing is a scam. Waist training can definitely catapult you toward your ultimate fitness goals faster and more easily when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise. If you’re interested in buying a waist trainer but aren’t totally sold on the idea, consider the advice of style icons, businesswomen, actors, models, and overall notable, high-achieving women who are anything but lazy.

These three celebs have wholeheartedly thrown their support behind waist training based on their own personal experiences with it. They have openly shared their own positive experiences with waist trainers—even going so far as to post selfies of themselves wearing waist trainers—and encourage other women to try it out to see the benefits of waist training for themselves.

  1. Kim Kardashian

Ultra-successful businesswoman, socialite, and style icon Kim Kardashian is anything but shy about her waist training techniques. She has posted multiple selfies across her social media platforms of herself flaunting waist trainers, using her huge platform of more than 100 million Instagram followers to publicize and promote her own waist training habits. She chooses to wear a waist trainer when she works out at the gym and even sometimes overnight while she sleeps.

Kim Kardashian is sometimes referred to as the “queen of waist training” because of how dedicated she is to waist training and how frequently she shares snapshots of herself in a waist trainer with the world. Many women use Kim’s killer figure as positive proof of the effectiveness of waist training and as an especially inspirational example of the visible results of waist trainers for curvy women.

Kim is not the only Kardashian who waist trains. In fact, all three older Kardashian sisters—Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé—have all gushed about their positive experiences with waist training. However, Kim tends to be the most outspoken about her waist training, and she has by far the largest platform out of all of her sisters to share her waist training experiences with the wide world of social media.

  1. Amber Rose

Model, actress, and designer Amber Rose is also an avid waist trainer. She’s not discreet about it, either, and has been known to sport bright, colorful waist trainers while out running. She even posted a smiling selfie that features her wearing a cropped hoodie sweatshirt that clearly shows off the bold, leopard-print waist trainer she’s wearing underneath it.

Amber Rose’s waist training is anything but discreet, which can encourage many women to show off their waist trainers with pride without feeling insecure or embarrassed about wearing them in public—like at the gym or on a run.

  1. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is renowned as a record-breaking female rap artist. She has revolutionized the music industry with her long-running, prolific rapping career and the impressive list of awards and other accomplishments she has racked up along the way.

In addition to her success as a rap artist, Nicki is also known for her envy-worthy figure. She is very open about how waist training helps her maintains her tiny waist, flat tummy, and smooth, sexy curves. While she is on tour, Nicki uses a waist trainer to help her stay fit. She wears a waist trainer on a daily basis while she’s warming up before a show.

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