Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facilities in South Weymouth, MA

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facilities in South Weymouth, MA

There are several common mental health complications related to drug addiction in South Weymouth. For example, suppose you are hooked on drugs, and you are battling with schizophrenia.

In that case, the chances are that you will not manage to recover from both of these disorders without you seeking professional treatment.

This type of treatment is offered in drug rehab in Weymouth, Massachusetts, through mental health treatment and rehabilitation, dual diagnosis addiction. This will ensure that you will receive the recovery services that can manage all the syndromes you have been diagnosed with while correspondingly reducing your risk of a relapse back to alcohol and drug abuse.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

If you are living with obsessive-compulsive disorder, you may be susceptible to obsessions. Obsessions refer to forceful urges, images, and thoughts that happen frequently and cause you great distress and anxiety.

You might attempt snubbing them or handling them with another thought or action- which is known as carrying out a compulsion.

If you take an action that involves using alcohol or drugs, your problems will only get worse. This is because you may soon find yourself living with a substance use illness that is over and above your obsessive-compulsive disorder diagnosis.

Find yourself a drug rehab in Weymouth, Massachusetts, to get help.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder has symptoms that have a habit of changing with time. While some signs will pop up about three months after the shocking episode you suffered, others will take years to develop.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the condition will affect the brain regions associated with memory and emotions. A healthy brain will be able to distinguish between past and present experiences.

However, PTSD could interfere with this natural process. Hence, it is crucial to seek professional valuation and treatment before resorting to alcohol and drugs to self-medicate this condition.

You may have a co-occurring disorder syndrome if you are suspicious that you may be besieged with a mental health illness over and above your addiction and substance abuse. As a result, you will require professional dual diagnosis treatment programs to get you underway on the path to recovery.

Drug rehab in Weymouth, Massachusetts, offers programs that will manage your addiction and substance abuse and overcome your mental ailment. You will also get to learn how to embrace a lifestyle of sobriety, wellness, and health in the process while reducing your chances of relapse or reappearance of any mental illness.

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