How To Settle A Landlord-Tenant Dispute With The Help Of A Toronto Paralegal?

Toronto Paralegal

Landlord-tenant law in Ontario observes and controls the landlord and tenant relationship. a tenant is a party who has rented property under an agreed payment of money and for a specified duration of time. Both parties sign a lease that clarifies the terms and conditions of their agreement and prevents any disputes, discrepancies to some extent. Respective rights, responsibilities, and obligations for both landlord and tenant are typically included in the lease. Renting a property can always be associated with tenancy disputes. Although the landlord-tenant issues may seem minor, it is necessary to control the dispute and find a solution and steps to ensure everything proceeds. If the conflict gets more severe and one of the parties wants to bring a claim to Small Claims Court, a Toronto paralegal would surely be helpful.

Steps to solve a landlord-tenant dispute

Talk to your landlord or Tenant 

Most of the time, the landlord and the tenant can settle the dispute without a paralegal or small claims court interfere. When both parties agree on a specific matter as a solution, they must sign a written piece of the agreement.

If the parties can’t arrive at a resolution, the problems and concerns should be written down. This written document later shows the landlord and tenant both have discussed the matter and tried to come up with a solution. In this case, consulting an Ontario paralegal who is aware of the Residential Tenancies Act can help you apply for a legal remedy.

Apply for the Remedy

Suppose both parties understand the issue entirely but can’t solve it. In that case, they can seek remedies through the Landlord Tenant Board (“LTB”). ” LTB” suggests legal terms that the landlord or the tenant can apply when he thinks the other parties haven’t been committed to the duties within the tenancy agreement. The remedies for a landlord include property recovery, tenancy termination, rent recovery, and damages. The remedies of a tenant are compensation, damages, rent abatement, termination of a tenancy.

Toronto Paralegal

You can always hire a paralegal to discuss your claim in Small Claims Court, considering all legal terms and standards. Paralegals are educated to discuss on your behalf for minor legal issues in Small Claims Court.

Small Claims Courts

In Ontario, Small Claims Court is a subset of the Superior Court of Justice. You can sue for small financial losses or damages in a limited amount of money. For more complicated legal issues, one must claim in higher courts.

How can you sue in small claims court?

When you sign an agreement, such as a landlord-tenant contract, and the other party has done an action against the terms of a deal, you can sue for the damages caused by broken rules in Small Claims Court. You can also bring a lawsuit to Small Claims Court if somebody owes you an amount of money and refuses to pay it back. In case you want to claim in Small Claims Court, paralegals can help you succeed since they fully know and understand all legal matters and rules.

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