5 Different Types Of Strapping Materials And Their Uses

Strapping Materials

In the shipping industries, during the packaging of the bundles of merchandises, different processes are being carried out to secure the materials inside the boxes and to relocate them from one place to the other. However, during the packaging, the main concern is about the protection of the things kept inside the boxes, especially because most of them are quite vulnerable.

And that’s why sealing of the boxes is considered to be a primary work that is done as soon as the boxes are filled with its contents. The sealant used in most of the industries are bands or straps, woven around the box which secures the opening properly.

These straps are specifically used either to close a big box or to hold the smaller ones in a bundle. Either way, the utility of the strapping materials is increasing day by day and that’s why the technology of the straps is evolving.

Many different types of straps are there and each of this type vary greatly in their strength, their quality, and also in their area of application. This is why knowing about the various strapping belts and what are the utilities of each class is extremely essential.

Here goes the list of the most common straps that are used in various industry domains all across the world!

Strapping Materials


As the name sounds, steel straps are used in areas where heavy-weighted loads are involved. As the straps are classified based on their elasticity and sheer strength, it is extremely crucial to use the steel straps in fields where loads are heavy weighted and huge guarding will be required to keep them in place.


  • Steel straps can withstand high temperatures and so, they are used in packaging iron bars.
  • The edges are sharp which gives an advantage in packing the sharp corners of the load.
  • The break strength is high. This means that the steel straps have a high threshold value of permanent deformation.
  • The straps are generally UV resistant and hence can be used in open fields.


You can get the different forms of the plastic straps from the various PET strap manufacturers in Gujarat. As plastic is generally made from different kinds of polymers, these straps have found their use in multiple fields such as paper packing, lumber wood packing, packing of the products produced freshly, and in many such low-force tasking industry.

The main benefit of the plastic straps is that they can be applied to the bunches using either a strapping tool or in a manual manner.


The number of the PET strap suppliers in India is increasing day by day, owing to the fact that Polyester is slowly replacing the steel straps in the industry, In areas where the loads are elastic, medium weighted, and susceptible to the dynamic shift in their positions, PET straps are mainly used.


  • It is the strongest plastic strap and hence, competes the steel straps in many areas.
  • It’s break strength is high compared to the other plastic straps.
  • PET can withstand high tensile force and hence, can carry extra load with little stretching.
  • Recovery speed after being deformed under elastic load is quite high.

Strapping Materials


If you are looking for economical straps, then the ones made from polypropylene are the best. It can handle the light weighted materials since increasing longitudinal stress can damage the elasticity of the material.


Though nylon is in fact the strongest of the plastic straps, it is generally avoided because it is extremely non-economical. However, even now in the cold room applications, nylon is preferred over the other types of straps.

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