The Proper Arrangement For Teak Garden Furniture

Garden should have proper furniture to decorate and fulfill its function. Record stated that the oldest outdoor furniture was from Rome. In that time, only rich or noble people could have built home and garden. Today, everyone has many options to make the fascinated garden. One of simple ways is by using teak garden furniture. To know more about this matter, read the following section.

Exploring More about Teak Garden Furniture

Adding furniture for outdoor requires proper plan. You cannot just put the chair and table from indoor to outdoor area. The furniture must have properties like water-resistant, capable to withstand weather, resistant from fungal decay and insect, easy maintenance, and durable. Usually, wood is very vulnerable due to easily turn into decay and rot. Excess water, dust, fungal, and insect will deteriorate furniture. That’s not happen when using teak due to several benefits. Teak has silica to protect it from fungal, water, alkali, chemical, and dust. Teak garden furniture for outdoor are listed at below section.

  1. Garden seating

The most common one is garden seating. It consists of table with chairs. The number of chair depends on table size. It might two chairs that go side by side with table. For big tabletop, you can put four to six ones. Table design is also varied from a simple square, rectangular, round, oval, even long table. Teak garden furniture as seating place is not fixed to chair-table style. You can get bench or sofa to decorate garden or backyard.

  1. Umbrella or canopy

Umbrella or canopy is useful as cover to protect from direct sunlight, rain, and wind. It is available as package with the same design as table and chair. On the other hand, you can purchase separately then installed in where you put the seating place. It is additional furniture that comes in handy if you do not want nuisance while relaxing in garden. Teak can be umbrella, canopy frame, or just the cover.

The next part is about arrangement and maintenance. You need choose furniture based on what theme or style in your garden. Moreover, it takes great care to ensure teak will last longer for decades.

  • Arrangement

How do you arrange teak garden furniture? In garden, you should put them in patio area because they are capable to withstand force. If you intend to place directly at the top soil, make sure to create strong foundation. The options for seating place are varied based on the garden itself. They might be in the center, corner, or around garden edge. Make sure to add pathway to reach the seating area. You can purchase one set of furniture that unifies the table, chair, and canopy as single place.

  • Maintenance

You need to do maintenance according to furniture material. Nature and weather will dissolve teak protective skin. However, it creates beautiful grey appearance. Interesting point about this kind of furniture is it will last longer as long as having outdoor exposure. You might see old house using teak that’s still in good condition after hundred years. That’s legacy of teak outdoor furniture that cannot be matched with other material, even metal or plastic.

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