Where to Go Go Kart Racing in Manassas

Go-karting has been incredibly popular in the United States ever since it was invented. Go-kart racing provides a safer way for people to race than trying to drag race and also can be a lot more fun. When go-kart racing you can really feel the speed as you zoom around the track. Speeding around a race track in a go-kart is one of the most fun things to do on the planet. Fortunately, because it’s such a popular motor sport you’re prone to find somewhere to do it no matter where you are in the country. If you’re in Manassas and you want to find a good place to go-kart we have a great recommendation for you.

Bring the Kids Along

Today we’re going to be looking at why the indoor go-kart track in Manassas is so great, and what better place to start than looking at their policies for children?

Now, standard go-karting at this facility is for people aged 13 years or older. That’s because the standard go-karts can go an astonishing 50 miles per hour, and it would be a safety hazard to have people younger than 13 driving those karts. This facility prides itself on being safe, so they can’t have that.

If your kids are over 13 this may not be an issue to you, but if your kids are under 13 you may be a little concerned that you couldn’t bring them. Fortunately, this facility thought of that and that’s why they’ve created a junior karting league.

There are still some restrictions on the junior karting league. Your child must be 8 or older and at least 4 feet tall, but assuming they meet both of those requirements they’re well on their way to tearing up the track.

Junior karting is a great way for kids to learn about go-karting safety before they’re put behind the wheel of a kart that can go fifty miles per hour. For junior karting the karts can only go 25 miles an hour which is a lot safer for kids to be driving around while still allowing them to have a great deal of fun.

Safety is a Priority

At this facility, as we mentioned, they pride themselves on being as safe as they can be. In that vein, they’ve taken painstaking measures to ensure all karts are as safe as possible for all drivers.

Each kart has been balanced by experts to ensure that they are as unlikely as possible to tip or flip while you’re zooming around the track, and roll bars have also been installed to make sure that that risk is further minimized.

They’ve also constructed their course around safety. The rails that line the track are “reflexive” which just means that they are designed to lower impact if you crash into them.

There are a whole lot of other precautions they’ve taken to ensure your safety. Ranging from the DOT-approved helmets they provide all drivers, to the four-point safety harnesses, and even further on than that. This facility wants to make sure that you have the lowest risk fun they can possibly provide you.

Your Perfect Day of Go-Karting

Everyone loves go-karting, in fact this motor sport is so popular that it has even found a home in Europe and in other places in the world. It’s a great way to team build and bond, and you can bring virtually anyone you might want to with you. Whether it’s just a day off with the kids or you have a score to settle with a co-worker you can have a great time zipping around the go-kart track. At the indoor track you can even race if it’s raining outside, which is a huge plus for many people.

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