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Who hasn’t dreamed of working with their feet in the water, wearing shorts and a T-shirt as their only work uniform? Well, the first and foremost thing to do to get this kind of job is to get registered for a lifeguard certification course because the lifeguard profession can have very interesting advantages!

Opportunities For Lifeguards In The Public Sector

After taking the exam and obtaining the lifeguard certification that will enable you to the profession, you can consider working for a local authority that is in charge of recruiting future lifeguards for the summer season who will have the task of supervising bathing on beaches, lakes, or swimming pools. Municipal.

Although the role of the lifeguard is essentially to supervise the swimmers, the fact remains that the danger can present itself in different forms in these different water areas, for which vigilance and the ability to anticipate the risk are necessary, to avoid possible drowning.

Beach Supervision

The role of the lifeguard, in this case, is to monitor the beach, control the bathing area, and prevent people from venturing out of the authorized area, to intervene in minor injuries by providing first aid. The lifeguard, although not a public official, is an operator of a public need service pursuant to article 359 of the criminal code and is therefore also required to guarantee a certain level of tranquility in the area, and to enforce the regulation for beach-goers.

This is a very important task and should be done by a professional who has lifeguard certification. It is necessary to have a good knowledge of the sea, to be aware of its dangers, and to be comfortable in the face of a risky situation. Not surprisingly, lifeguards are trained in advance to deal with any intervention at sea, which can sometimes be dangerous.

Supervision In Municipal Swimming Pools

The lifeguard on duty in the municipal swimming pools has the task of supervising the swimmers and carrying out prevention work with users, in particular in compliance with safety instructions and internal regulations. It must also delimit swimming areas and provide first aid for minor injuries.

Outside of opening hours to the public, it may be required to supervise swimming lessons for any audience, from infants to seniors, but also for adults who wish to learn to swim. They can also supervise the aquagym, aquabike, aquafitness lessons, or any other aquatic activity offered by the municipal swimming pools.

Surveillance On Bodies Of Water

The supervision of the lakes is no different from that of the beach. The role of the lifeguard is to supervise bathers, delimit the bathing area, to provide first aid for minor injuries. It must ensure that users comply with safety instructions and play an educational role in the possible dangers that a lake outside the bathing area can represent.

Possibility Of Work As Lifeguards In The Private Sector

Jobs in the public sector are often seasonal or temporary, so for a student or as a first job, it can be a great opportunity. The first thing, as said earlier, is to get your lifeguard certification. But when you start working, having a full-time job becomes essential. This is especially important for a more stable future, both professionally and financially…

Well, the lifeguard profession is no longer a precarious position. Many private organizations offer year-round positions in their factories for those with lifesaving licenses.

Thus, it is possible to find a job offer in different sectors that offer water activities, such as:

Hotels or holiday villages: hotel complexes or holiday centers offer their guests private pools where the supervision of swimmers is mandatory. Often they organize activities around the pool, so it is not uncommon to be able to participate in group lessons of aquagym or aqua yoga, which are generally held by a lifeguard. Many families with children come to these complexes, so it is important to offer water games to the little ones under the supervision of a lifeguard.

Pool Lifeguard Courses | Royal Life Saving Society - Australia

Sports clubs or fitness centers: such as thalassotherapy centers or fitness centers, many sports clubs now offer aqua aerobics or aquabike courses and thus adapt to a customer’s need. These courses are often taught by a swimming instructor. The fitness centers, therefore, recruit lifeguards to monitor the baths, follow the aquatic courses, and also manage the bathrooms, the hammam, the sauna, and the changing rooms …

Water parks or water complexes: Water parks and water complexes are subject to heavy traffic, especially during holidays, which requires intense and constant supervision of bathers. Regarding private or public swimming pools, the role of the lifeguard is to supervise the swimmers, take prevention and make sure that the safety instructions and internal regulations are respected. The lifeguard is required to carry out small interventions providing first aid.

Final Thoughts

Lifeguarding cannot be done without the necessary qualification which is getting a lifeguard certification. It is a job with potential life-saving responsibilities, therefore you have to be certified and get a lifeguard recertification if want to continue the job.

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