Criminal Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale Specializing In DUI

A Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyer can help you with your case if you got caught drunk driving or DUI. Like in the movies, you already know not to say anything until a lawyer is present so when the nice police officer reads you your Miranda Rights, please exercise that right. Instead, when you arrive at the police station ask whoever is in charge to see your lawyer. The right lawyer will give you a sound advice on what to do or what the next step will be. Your lawyer will be able to clarify your legal rights and will ensure that those rights are protected.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Defending yourself in the court is not a wise decision because you may not have enough knowledge with the law to protect yourself. An experienced criminal lawyer will be able to give you a good advice on how to move in certain situations and will assist you during the legal process. In addition, a lawyer who has already dealt cases which are similar to yours will be able to ask the right questions and present evidences that would help build a strong case in your favor. There are other lawyers with their own specialization, DUI lawyers are just one of them.

How to Look for a Criminal Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

In order to find the most suitable attorney for a client, he must search in several places such as the internet, the newspaper, or the yellow pages. He can also ask for recommendations from credible sources which include colleagues, family, and friends. Criminal defense is a broad area, which means that a client has to find someone who specializes in the area of defense he needs. For example, if he is charged of drinking while driving, he will need a DUI lawyer. Other criminal cases include domestic violence, drug offense, and felony charges to name a few. There are lawyers who specialize in each of these areas of defense.

A client must be clear of what qualities he is looking for in a criminal defense lawyer. Does he want someone who is experienced and strict with his procedures or someone who is younger and less credentials but is flexible? Knowing the qualities important to him will help him evaluate the attorneys he comes across thereby, making the search easier, faster, and more effective. Learning the background of the lawyer is a necessity. It must be known where he got his degree and further trainings, what cases he has won, and the legal organizations he belongs to.

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