Claiming The Rights Of Your Music Work

So you love music, you can compose and write a song. But what if your composition was copied by others who you barely know and claims the recognition? What worse is, your composition becomes a massive hit at any radio station in the country and goes viral over the web. The problem is that person who copied your music allegro, lyrics and composition gains all the recognition and not you. There’s no doubt about it, you spent, sweat, talent, and skills in order for you to perfect your song. But the problem is someone is gaining all the credits and it is not you.

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Music works

When dealing with musical works, as a composer, a writer, and a musician, you have to consider the importance of patenting your work otherwise, you might end up like the example mentioned. You can protect your work through the copyright act. You can file a lawsuit to the one that claims your composition and introduce your work to public without asking your permission when you hire a lawyer that handles copyright from Melbourne patent attorney firms.   Typically, not all professional and aspiring musicians fall under this category when they claim the rights of their composition. Therefore, in order for you to protect your musical work, you must determine what exactly are the things you are trying to protect.

Music and Lyrics

It may sound like a hit movie, but the music and the lyrics are essential when protecting your musical work. Consider the lyrics itself as a protected intellectual work, the format of the musical arrangement from tempo, allegro, beat and the composition formant and a specific recording company you allowed to release your song. Keep in mind that you as the composer who sings your song must also be protected as you becoming the performer’s performance.


As soon as you found a recording company that might release your song, the executive copyright publishes work will automatically grant your work as copyright under the copyright law of your work. This means that you don’t need to look for qualified Melbourne patent lawyers unless someone claims your work.  To make it simple, as soon as the recording company puts your song in a compact disk format, it is already copyrighted and you have the rights to claim it as the performer and the composer of that particular song. Owning or claiming your song can be time-consuming and there are legal matters that you have to deal with. But at the end of the day, it is very rewarding indeed.

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