Important Components Of A Dash Cam

With the increasing number of accidents and the high crime rate, it has become highly important for the vehicle owners to install some type of surveillance cameras in the car in order to track the movement and drive of the car. The best way is to install the dash cams which are getting in trend these days.

Dash cam is actually a dashboard camera which acts just like a surveillance camera for the car to record all the happenings inside the car including the road trip, track the unexpected accidents and providing extra security to the vehicle.

Components of a Dash Cam:

The dash cam have a number of components which works perfectly to give you the results that you need. Below are listed the important components of a dash cam:


Just like any other system, dash cam has a processor as well upon which the whole working of the system depends on. The quality of the processor determines the quality and working of the whole system of dash cam. There are different types of processors for the dash cam just like the computer systems. When purchasing the dash cam, special importance should be given to the processor of the dash cam if you want to buy a quality system for your car.

Image Sensor:

Image sensors determines the quality of the video footage. It is also available in high quality and low quality image sensors.

Camera Lens:

Just like the image sensor, camera lens is also present in the dash cam.


The dash cam have a g-sensor as well. G-sensor is actually an accelerometer which measures the force that acts on the system due to the changes in the velocity. The movements of the vehicle is measures and the system responds accordingly. Whenever an abrupt movement is detected, the footage is safeguarded. This component is the best especially when your car is indulged in an accident. The footage is locked and so prevent it from being overwritten.

Other Components:

Apart from these basic components, dash cam is equipped with GPS, FCWS (Forward collision warning system), LDWS (lane departure warning system) and Wi-Fi as well. The system also have a feature of loop recording which means that the camera continues to record the video on loop eve if the memory is finished and overwrites the very first recording. Visit for more information.

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