How You Can Optimize For Competitor’s Branded Keywords

It’s probably an idea that might have crossed your mind a few times. How about optimizing your brand with your competitor’s keywords? Is it really possible? If yes, then how. You will have all the answers here in this article.

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There are numerous web specialists that can guide you through this. In Webryze, search engine marketing specialist Toronto pay quite close attention to key word branding so they have quite a few unique solutions for it. We will share a few interesting things in this regards too.

It can be quite a tricky job for the SEO people but we will guide you through the ways we say people do such stuff. It’s probably a ‘no go’ area for some because they are too cautious of the bumpy road ahead. We will tell you how to smartly use your competitor’s ‘words’ for your web content. So stay tuned, you’re in for a treat.


It may not be surprising to know that at times, keywords and titles don’t actually draw enough traffic as they are expected to. So you have to ask yourself this: Should I really target this brand of words? Strategizing is quite a key factor because you don’t want to end up with keywords your competitor failed with.

Do branded Keywords really draw Traffic?

You might want to bid on a few keywords to get a sneak peak as to how much traffic is drawn by branded keywords. You need to check whether people will really take alternative options for the same brand. If not then what’s the way forward. Well if you’re thinking that might be the case then you’re wrong. Everyone looks for alternatives

Now What?

Now when you know you people are looking for alternatives, check what options they are availing and what alternatives they are really seeking. Why is there a need to go for one and why do they really have to compare your brand with the other one.

This is where related searches come handy. They tell exactly what customers are looking for. You can take help from Google AdWords Keyword Tool for this. Sneak in at your competitors key words and see which ones are drawing real traffic.

The next step is to check what your position is in the market. Check on what is being said about you on the social media. How bigger review sites are taking your brand.

Do the Same for Your Competitor’s Brand

You have to search for the same questions about your competitor’s brand. You will find out what areas you’re lagging and where you have the edge. You can search for several online surveys as well as primary sources of feedback that are customers.

You now have your targeted keyword and here’s is what you need to do next…

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Get inside the Searcher’s Head

You should know exactly what the searchers are looking for. For instance, when they search “XYZ Review”, they are really searching whether the product is good or not.  This will make your search results much smarter.

Here is a list of what else you should do:

Make your content engaging to draw traffic away from your competitor towards you. It’s like selling fresh veggies in the market at the top of your voice.

Place your page in place where it is not directly accessible. It’s more or less like: “Do you want to view it, here this way…”

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