4 Important Facts About Grains In Dog Food


Balanced nutrition is important if you want to keep your dog healthy and make his residential dog training much more effective. With a robust immune system, your dog can resist illnesses, and with a healthy body and mind, he will be able to learn new tricks and commands. Dog owners should make sure that pet food manufacturers provide adequate essential nutrients in their food products to keep their pet perfectly in shape. Dogs are not purely carnivores and they can consume a limited amount of plant-based ingredients which is why grains are an essential ingredient in their food.

It Is Fairly Common To Find Grains In Many Of Today’s Premium Dog Food Products And Here Are A Few Important Facts About Them That You Should Know:

Grains Are Digestible- many have heard that grains are indigestible and potentially unhealthy for dogs. In reality, dogs can tolerate high starch ingredients and based on studies, about 95% of starch is digestible by dogs.

Grains Don’t Cause Allergies- it is also often said that grains are allergens for dogs. In reality, processed meat may potentially cause more allergies in dogs, compared to grains. Some dogs show allergic reactions to wheat gluten, but it’s quite rare.

Grains Are Nutritious- although dogs are mainly meat eaters, grains also have nutritional value for dogs, because they provide dietary fibres, minerals, and vitamins. Nutrients in grains ensure a stronger immune system and healthier skin. There’s no evidence that a grain-free diet is better than a diet with grains, however. Your dog should get a grain-free diet only if he is allergic to gluten or on a doctor’s order.

Check Ingredients- although grains are perfectly safe and healthy for your dogs, make sure that you check the ingredients in the food your purchase for your dog. A dog food product may contain primarily of meat with 10 to 20% of grains and other plant-based ingredients. Make sure that manufacturers use whole grains to ensure complete nutritional intake for your dog.

A healthy diet can lead to a smarter dog and one that responds well to residential dog training Liverpool.

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