spark sql Find the number of extensions for a record


I have a dataset as below

col1 extension_col1
2345 2246
2246 2134
2134 2091
2091 Null
1234 1111
1111 Null

I need to find the number of extensions available for each record in col1. the final result as below

col1 extension_col1 No_Of_Extensions
2345 2246 3
2246 2134 2
2134 2091 1
2091 Null 0
1234 1111 1
1111 Null 0

value 2345 extends as 2345>2246>2134>2091>null and hence it has 3 extension relations excluding null.

How to get the 3rd column(No_Of_Extensions) using spark sql/scala.?

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What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?


If you or somebody that you care about has been involved in an accident that caused injury due to the negligence of another person it is best to contact a personal injury lawyer to help with the case. When it comes to the law, and the way that the system works it is always best to hire an attorney that knows how to navigate the murky waters of the courts.

As awful as it sounds, the truth is that whenever there is an accident that deserves substantial compensation the insurance companies that are responsible for the damages do not want to lose their money. It is because of this that each person that goes into court because they need to be compensated for money they owe, lost wages from not being able to work, pain and suffering or any other compensation that might be due to them they need the help of a seasoned attorney to keep the other side of the argument in check and honest.

A personal injury lawyer will:

  • Defend the client
  • Collect information
  • Show up to court dates
  • File paperwork
  • Talk to the other attorneys
  • Communicate with the bill collectors
  • Navigate the proceedings

Defending the Client

First and foremost the responsibility of the lawyer is to defend the client against cutthroat insurance companies that only care about the costs that they might have to pay in order to fulfill their obligation to the losses that the client suffers. We mentioned above that in many cases the other party will want to refrain from paying any money at all, or the least that they possibly can get away with.

Court can get ugly, and the other side of the argument will try to put as much blame on the injured person as they can. Twisting the truth, and bending facts are parts of the strategies that the opposing side will use. If they can make it look like the injured party was at fault for the injury, they will have a better chance at minimizing their obligations to cover the costs of injuries and suffering.

The accident injury lawyer will face the attacks with patience and wisdom so that they can rebuttal the arguments with facts and information that will be most beneficial for the client’s success.

Collecting Information

One of the most important weapons that an injury attorney can have in their arsonal is information. Any little pieces of information that are relevant to the case can be beneficial for the success of the client. A skilled and experienced lawyer will have an investigator walk the scene of the accident with a trained eye to see what happened and gather the pieces of information that will ultimately paint the whole picture.

By visiting the area, asking questions of residents (if possible) seeking out possible video recordings from cameras such as Rings and other surveillance equipment.

Pictures, recordings, statements and various other tidbits of information can bring a crystal clear picture of what happened and who was at fault for the accident.

Information is powerful when it comes to court trials and determining the facts about who did what.

Showing Up   

In most cases when a case is set for trial there will be no room for rescheduling or being late. Most of the courthouses are so full of people waiting to be heard that if something happens so that the court has to push the dates around there will be repercussions.

Yes, life happens and all kinds of unexpected occurrences can happen. The court does not care. Although there can be a little leeway, there is not much. Your lawyer will be aware of this and stand to ensure that your hearings will be on time and that everything that needs to be in place, will be.

Some cases are as simple as one court date, while others can drag on for years with multiple court dates. It all depends on the complexity of the case and the available evidence that both parties have to offer.

In any case, whether your case goes on and on for several months, or is quick and easy, your lawyer will be there for the scheduled dates. If they can’t make it, or you can’t make it, they will always have a plan in force that will ensure the safety and integrity of your case.

Filing Motions and Petitions

If you have ever had to fill out court paperwork you have a general idea of how painstaking it can be. For every court appearance and every action within the court date there has to be a  record of it. These records can be written or recorded digitally, but when it comes to filing motions, or petitions there has to be real paper with live, wet signatures in place.

Personal Injury Attorneys: Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer For Your  Case

Because of the structure of the court system, the documentation has to be specific and meticulous. It is the responsibility of the injured person to get all of their facts into order and into the right place. Having a skilled and experienced lawyer to sort out all of the different motions, and procedures that make up the process of the court helps tremendously.

Communication and Negotiation

Although there are court procedures that make the steps in the process official, there are also numerous meetings on the sides of the appearances that have great impact on the outcomes of each step along the way.

For example, if there is a certain amount of money that the client is willing to take as an offer, regarding various stipulations that are relevant to the actions of the other side of the argument, the lawyers from both sides can meet and discuss options and negotiation tactics.

If both sides of the trial are willing to talk to each other and hash out different objectives or plans for the best results of the case, things can go much smoother than if there is no communication.

An accident injury lawyer can be a huge asset to the case of the client simply because they know how to talk to people and how to approach sensitive subjects.

In the event that there is a cap, or a maximum allowable amount of pay that a person can get from the compensation of the case, your attorney can strike a deal with the other lawyer of the opposing party to get things over with and quickly move forward with the case. There is no sense in dragging out a case for longer than necessary, and a wise attorney will know how to cut things short, and when to make the cut.

Calming the Bill Collectors

Sometimes the court proceedings can be so long and drawn out that the medical establishments that provided care will begin to look for their payments. Although it is unfair to make them wait for their money, in many cases it is the only way to make sure that the responsible party pays for it, not the injured party.

When this much time has passed the medical facilities will look to the injured party for responsibility of the payments that are owed. The office of the attorney will stay in communication with these bill collectors and make their best efforts to ensure compensation to the bill collectors while protecting the client.

In many cases like this, the lawyer can negotiate a solution that will work best for all parties involved.


In essence, the personal injury lawyer is there to guide and protect the client while they are going through the process of getting compensation for the damages that the other party caused. Whatever it takes the lawyer to do in order to keep the status of the case on time and running smoothly. Whether it is making phone calls, filing paperwork, or justifying a case in the courtroom the lawyer will take care of. The end goal is always what will be most beneficial for the client and the success of the case.

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5 Hockey Training Drills To Blast Your Core and Balance

5 Hockey Training Drills To Blast Your Core and Balance

Hockey is a demanding sport, and it requires players to be in top physical condition. What’s more, hockey players need to maintain that level of fitness throughout the season. What kind of workout regimen should you follow if you’re a hockey player? What are some exercises that will strengthen your core and balance? In this blog post, we’ll talk about 5 drills that will help improve your game! Most hockey players are well aware of the kind of hockey training that they’ll need to undergo if they want to be successful, but if you’re unsure about how you can help yourself you can always follow some of the advice on this list or even talk to your coach about it.

Everyone on your team wants nothing more than for you to be the best hockey player possible. If you’re good at the game that means that your entire team will get to experience more victories and more fun games when you’re up against tougher teams. That’s great for team morale because there’s nothing like taking on the toughest teams in your league and standing a fighting chance except for, of course, being the toughest team in the league. With the right kind of hockey training, you can be sure that your team is ready for just about any matchup, assuming that everyone is pulling their own weight.

1. Seated Box Jump

Box jumps are a popular workout among hockey players due to the fact that they help to strengthen the legs and abdominal muscles. Furthermore, box jumps will assist you in increasing your lung capacity, which will allow you to have more energy on the ice throughout your game. All of these traits are critical for a good hockey player to have because it allows them to be a little more competitive. Strength will help you be sure that you can stay on your feet and endurance will help you keep from tiring before the game is over.

In order to perform a seated box jump, you need to know exactly the correct form for the exercise. Knowing the correct form will ensure that your body is getting the maximum benefits from this exercise. We’re about to go over the proper technique, but if you’re confused or having a hard time visualizing it please search it up on Youtube. It’s worth the extra time to make sure that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself from doing it incorrectly. Without further adieu, here’s how to do a seated box jump:

  • Sit with your back against a bench or chair.
  • Engage your quadriceps.
  • Drive yourself forward into a standing position.
  • Jump up onto the box in front of you.
  • Land with your knees slightly bent.

Many trainers recommend doing this about twenty times, but make sure to listen to your body. You could easily do more or less depending on your skill level. It’s better to do a shorter set than to accidentally injure yourself by pushing yourself too hard. Those kinds of injuries could end up costing you weeks of training.

2. Kettlebell Swings

A hockey player’s posterior chain must also be trained, which means that workouts such as kettlebell swings are essential for developing powerful glutes and hamstrings. Furthermore, this exercise will aid in the improvement of your shoulder stability as well as your core strength as well. A superb aerobic and strength-building workout, kettlebell swings are a great choice. To put it simply, they are a fantastic all-around exercise!

Like with every exercise, performing the kettlebell swing requires proper form and a knowledge of how your body works. If our description isn’t good enough, once again, please take a moment to look it up. There are plenty of people online that are happy to share their knowledge with you on this subject. Here’s how you can do kettlebell swings”

  • Take a firm grip of a kettlebell with both hands while you push yourself into an upright posture
  • Bend your knees slightly, tilt forward at your hips, and allow the weight to rest between your legs
  • Shove your hips backward to drive yourself into an upright position.
  • As you complete this action, take a deep breath in
  •  Exhale and swing the kettlebell between your legs with a powerful push of your hips to complete the movement.

Continue until you’ve completed a total of 20 repetitions, or until your body tells you that you’re done. Once again, it’s entirely up to you and what you’re capable of. This exercise is especially important for you to be limber for, so make sure you get a good stretch before you start your training. Limbering up can help you reduce the chance of injury while also maximizing the impact of your workout.

Hockey Speed Training - How To Skate Faster And Become Explosive

3. Squat-Thrusts

This workout will assist you in improving your acceleration on ice while also building all of the key muscular groups in your upper body and shoulders. Additionally, this practice is excellent for athletes who wish to enhance their overall endurance levels via repetition. This one might even be one that’s recommended to you by your coach.

The same things that apply to the previous exercises apply to this one. We can’t stress enough that if our description doesn’t work for you that you should look up a video of someone doing it. That’s the best and easiest way to be sure short of having someone show you in person. In order to perform a squat thrust:

  • Take a few steps back
  • lay your hands on the ground in front of you with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Check that they’re at a 45-degree angle from the point of view of your shoulders.
  • Return to a pushup stance by jumping backward with both legs while maintaining your core tight to keep your balance throughout.
  • Afterward, spring your legs back forward and rise to your feet.

20 reps of the exercise is what most people recommend, but you can do however many is right for you. You could even do multiple sets and keep going until you’ve had your fill. This is your training so it’s up to you and your body.

4. Medicine Ball Slams

This is another excellent drill that will help you increase your acceleration while simultaneously training your glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders! Furthermore, because this activity builds muscles across your entire body, it is considered a true total-body workout by many.

To perform a medicine ball slam:

  • Pick up a medicine ball and hold on to it.
  • Lift the weight over your head while inhaling rapidly and forcefully
  • Swiftly lower it back down to chest level as you inhale.

Continue until you’ve completed a total of 20 repetitions, or until you’re satisfied with your set. You can do as many sets as you like. Remember to stay hydrated while you’re working out. Water is proven to help your body recover better while also allowing you to feel less sore the day after. Being hydrated and making sure that you’ve properly stretched before and after your workout are the best ways to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your workout.

5. Stability Ball Plank Row

This is another great exercise that will help improve your core strength. What’s more, this drill strengthens muscles throughout the back and shoulders to provide you with a well-rounded workout!

To perform a stability ball plank row:

  • Get into the top of a pushup
  • While maintaining your arms in a straight position, place both hands on top of a stability ball.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles to prevent your body from drooping
  • Do a row by bending both elbows and dragging the ball toward you.

Continue until you’ve completed a total of 20 repetitions. Most people recommend taking a 15-30 second rest between sets. You can do this nearly every day, but make sure that you’re taking rest days to allow your body time to recover.

To summarize, in order to be successful on the rink, hockey players need to be in peak physical condition at all times. Furthermore, this implies that maintaining a consistent fitness regimen is crucial! What are some of the workouts that you incorporate into your daily routine? Some people find it useful to think a lot about this, while other people will just find something on the internet that best suits them. No matter which is your preference, it’s good to know exactly what you’re doing on any given day.

Make Sure You Get the Most Out of Your Training

There isn’t anything in this world that’s more effective for becoming a good hockey player than training. Try as you might, but you’ll never be able to hone your skills without training. The same is true of really anything. Musicians wouldn’t be able to play brain-melting solos without their practice, painters wouldn’t be able to create entire worlds on a sheet of fabric, even the car salespeople at your local dealership wouldn’t be able to do what they do without hours and hours of practice.

Why Every Player Needs Hockey Tiles


Roller in-line hockey - Wikipedia

For many people the world over, hockey is considered to be the ultimate sport. Of course, other people might disagree, but their opinions are irrelevant for this article. If you want to hear someone talk about how great football is, you’re going to have to go find an article about football. Hockey players have an inside perspective of the game, and they also need a great deal of training to ensure that they’re always in peak physical condition for their next challenge. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you’re getting the training you need is to use hockey tiles.

You may be asking “What are these tiles that you speak of?” and that’s an excellent question. We’re going to cover the types of tiles used for hockey practice and how they can take your training game up to the next level. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, these tiles can bring a whole new dimension to your training that you’ve never had access to in the past. In fact, many people that use these tiles often feel much more prepared when it’s time to actually get on the ice and face off against an opposing team.

What are Tiles That are Made for Hockey?

Before delving into why you need these tiles, it’s important to go over exactly what these tiles are. There are a few types of tiles that are specially made for hockey, and each has different properties that make them better suited for different situations, more on that in a little bit. The two types of tiles do have their own unique qualities, but they are also different at the same time. Each one is good for some different things, but overall they do serve a lot of the same functions.

The reason why they’re called “tiles” is that they’re, well, tiles. They interlock to create a larger surface that you can practice on. You can purchase different-sized sets of tiles depending on how big of a surface you want to cover with them. It makes things pretty convenient over just having to get a giant piece of flooring to do this because it allows you to make a rink that conforms to whatever space you have available for it. People use both types of flooring, sometimes even in the same household.

The first type of flooring is dryland hockey flooring. These tiles are somewhat slick and can be set up in a number of places without having to move them. They aren’t anywhere near as slick as ice and if you want to practice sliding around you’d need to be in shoes with worn-down treads or socks. You can put them in your garage or in your backyard and not have to worry too much about them. Mid to high-quality dryland flooring is usually designed to handle a good deal of abuse, whether that’s the elements or you parking your car on it.

The other type of tiles are made up of synthetic ice. Synthetic ice is made up of a chemically complex type of plastic and can provide a good amount of glide factor while you’re wearing ice skates. These tiles are definitely something that you need to be a little more careful about placing because while most are able to hold a heavy load, they are pretty slippery to try and walk on. That means that this kind of flooring can’t just be put into your garage and left there for an indefinite period of time without worrying about it.
Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles | Hockey Flooring | HockeyShot

Which One is Better for You?

There are some distinct pros and cons to both dryland tiles and synthetic ice. Both are good for different things, but both will help you get the practice you need in. When deciding if getting any kind of hockey flooring is right for you, it’s important to be sure that you’re going for the option that fits your situation the best. Getting the wrong option can make your training or even certain parts of your life more difficult than they need to be on any given day. So before continuing, make sure you keep in mind exactly what your needs are.

We’ll start by looking at some of the positives of dryland hockey flooring. As we mentioned a bit in the previous section, you can put these tiles pretty much where ever you like and it won’t be an issue. There are plenty of dryland tiles that are weatherized so you can just set it up in your backyard and never tear it down. Because the tiles aren’t too slick you could reasonably leave it set up in your backyard even if you have guests over, so long as you warn them to be a little mindful of where they step.

Most dryland hockey tiles are also built to withstand a good amount of weight on them. That means that you could easily leave it set up in your garage and just park on top of it and not have to worry about set up or tear down. All of that is great, and because both dryland tiles and synthetic ice are modular you just link the entire rink up like the world’s easiest jigsaw puzzle and make sure it’s level so no one trying to practice on the surface has any issues.

Dryland tiles do have a few drawbacks. You absolutely cannot under any circumstances use ice skates on dryland tiles. That’s because the tiles aren’t designed for that kind of thing, so you would end up destroying them with your blades, while also dulling your blades incredibly quickly. With that in mind, if you want to do training in your skates, this isn’t the option for you. Fortunately, these tiles still allow for enough glide to send a puck flying in a manner that is very similar to what it would be like on the ice, which means that there are still all types of drills you can perform.

Synthetic ice also has a lot of pros and cons. It can’t be placed and left in the same variety of places because of how slick it is, and that means that you’ll have to tear down and set up a lot if you’re short on space. The trade-off here is that you can use your ice skates on it, which makes everything a lot more worthwhile. Both dryland tiles and synthetic ice are weatherproof, so if there’s an area in your backyard you wanted to dedicate to this you could easily leave it out.

There are any number of drills that you can do on synthetic ice, as well. Most of the drills that you can do on real ice can be done in synthetic ice, which makes it an excellent choice for this kind of thing. Dryland tiles are also good for almost any kind of drill, which makes both of these excellent choices for your off-season training needs. Whether you like setting up obstacle courses, doing figure eights, or any other type of drills, these tiles will be able to provide a surface where they can be easily done.

Why It’s Important

After reading this entire article you may be wondering why it’s so important, and the reason is actually pretty simple. Training helps keep your mind and body sharp enough for the next season. You always want to make sure that the other team views you as a threat, and you want to have the skills and strength to back it up. Not training for six to eight months out of the year can make you rusty, and that’s not going to do anything for your team’s standing in the upcoming season. In fact, it can make it a lot harder to get ahead in the long run.

Stickhandling isn’t the only important thing to practice. You also need to be sure that you’re strength training and doing your cardio so you can be in good enough shape on the ice when the season comes around. With that in mind, stickhandling is incredibly important, and ensuring that you have the basics down to muscle memory means that you’ll be able to spend less time thinking about the basic things you’re doing and more time planning on how to get the puck into the goal, or stopping the other team from getting their puck into your goal.

Getting the Right Training

It can be hard to be sure that you’re getting all of the training that you need on a daily basis, and getting some kind of hockey flooring can help immensely. It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, hockey flooring has many training benefits that can help you in both the short term and the long term. Being a force to be reckoned with on the ice will mean that the other team has to adjust their plan for you, and that’s a nice feeling no matter how long you’ve been playing the game.

Get to know About the Five Best Things About Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes.

Duty Cardboard Boxes

When you have to move your precious things from one place to another, heavy-duty cardboards are the best way to keep your items safe and secure. Heavy-duty cardboard boxes are available everywhere and with ease. It has become the first choice for maximum industries, especially for the packaging industry.

Why do you think heavy-duty boxes are so much in demand? It is because they are low in weight, low on cost, and are easily available everywhere.

Here are the Five Best Things About Heavy Duty Boxes-

It Provides Maximum Protection.

Comparing the normal and heavy-duty boxes, corrugated boxes are stronger and act as the durable cushion for the goods inside the box. The products get cushion-like security; they prevent any damage while carrying during the handling and the shipping. There are different sizes and thicknesses available for the products. Also, the boxes are easy to customize. There are very small products, and you might require cardboard for it then; you can also customize a package according to your requirement. Many businesses have personal needs, and therefore you can contact the manufacturers who can provide what you want.

What is the Most Important Thing you Want in a Box?

It is always that your product does not get spoiled or damaged. The best thing about heavy-duty cardboard boxes is that it helps keep the moisture and bacteria away from the consequences. Even if you want to pack the food items in the boxes, you do not have to worry about food getting poor taste or spoiled. The package can withstand long shipping times. Use box and bubble wrap for maximum protection.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable

heavy-duty cardboard boxes Archives -

Shipping supply companies always want to buy heavy-duty cardboard boxes which are sustainable and cost-effective otherwise; the business can go in loss. If the company believes the boxes are budget-friendly, they can save the extra expenditure. Corrugated container boxes are the absolute most economical packaging choices out there. They don’t need high work costs or any expensive apparatuses to produce the crates. Aside from that, heavy-duty cardboard boxes are very simple to reuse.

Great For Branding

Packaging boxes for shipping should be of good quality at cost-effective prices to use them and make them brand for themselves. When you deliver satisfactory and heartwarming services to the customers, they get happy and want to become repetitive customers. The Corrugated bundling material can be altered to assist you with your organization’s marketing and brand mindfulness. Custom marking is an excellent method for intriguing your clients since it looks more expert and means business. You can likewise decide to give your cases an individual touch that will undoubtedly procure your clients’ steadfastness and make them want more and more. You can also provide a personal touch to the boxes by ordering customized packages.

It is Light in Weight.

Everybody wants to use lightweight boxes because if they are heavy, it will add more weight to the bulky item already in the box. Anybody who wants to move from one house to another or has work to manufacture or transport heavy products will always prefer the packages that are light in weight. Heavy products also increase the shipping costs, and therefore, it is better to go for lightweight containers. It is the place where layered cardboard is favorable as it is solid and light. Being lightweight likewise makes them exceptionally helpful for customers, especially if they aren’t charged extra for delivery without thinking twice about the wellbeing of their items. Being light in weight does not limit the boxes to be manufactured in specific sizes; instead, they are available in any size that you want, from small to the largest. According to your requirement, you can choose among the single, double, and triple walls. It also gives flexible packaging options. There are boxes for mailing packages, and keeping them lightweight is of great help.

The Boxes are Recyclable and Reusable.

Looking at the situation of the world where it is getting damaged because of humans, it becomes the responsibility of every citizen to use biodegradable products. When the boxes are reusable and recyclable, then it increases the value of the product. The best thing about the corrugated boxes is that they are foldable and can get packed away to reuse in the future. Comparing the packages amazon all then corrugated cardboard packaging is one of the most recycled materials. The boxes are made of recycled material and therefore provide eco-friendly green packaging to the world. Moreover, it is very simple to dispose of, recycle, and repurpose the card boxes because the manufacturers avoid dyes or bleaches.

After knowing the best things about heavy-duty cardboard boxes, everyone must use one of the best products for packaging and moving, transporting heavy items, mailing, and many other uses.

Look for These Secrets That Will Make Customer Advocacy Perfect!

Customer Advocacy Perfect

It is very important for people to have great communication skills. Such skills are beneficial and of great significance at official places. The words of a person can break any relationship easily. Therefore, it is advisable to think before you speak. In fact, it is essential to work on communication skills regularly. Networking is a requirement for the sustenance of business. A huge network makes it easy for companies to spread across the nations.

Why do online companies need to assist clients? Virtual communication is a kind of communication in which people all over the world talk in the form of messages without any physical interaction. A variety of apps and services enable the feature of virtual communication. There are voice calls, video calling, video conferencing, and instant messaging that can be done easily via these apps. A lot of organizations are embracing this technology as it helps boost the communication systems and overall productivity in the end. As time is taking up the big turn, the companies need to add up the support in a way that customers can be added to the organization.

How to Keep the Customers Happy?

All the online companies need to make sure that they make the clients happy. Adding up the right happiness to the client is quite important. That is one of the reasons a person is suggested to be well updated with the latest techniques. It is the best way in which one can avail the right support.

Although Virtual communication is dependent on software, machines, and the internet that can break down anytime, this can create a huge problem if occurred in between conversations with big clients. That is why companies need to make sure that they avail the right technical support all the time. Customer Advocacy is important, and that is why maintaining the support by looking into its requirements is crucial.

What Tools Should Companies Use?

It is suggested that if the company is getting online, taking the chat platform’s help is a must. Live chat tool is a must these days. One of the major reasons is that communication can be great trouble for people if not done in the right manner.

So the chat agents need to make sure that they look for the support ways in which they can maintain the chatting tool like:

  • It is vital to write words that are suitable to the topic a person is working on. Words matter a lot in virtual communication. Therefore, there should not be anything negative or abusive that can look unprofessional. At the time of live chat specifically, it’s the responsibility of the agent to deal with the aggressive customers calmly and positively. No matter what the agent’s mood is, he or she is supposed to showcase behavior of genuineness and integrity. All the chat agents must take customer testimonials to provide the best support without any hassle.

Use This Tried-and-True Strategy to Create an Army of Customer Advocates

  • Manage the emotions- Managing emotions at the workplace is quite difficult sometimes. Particularly when an agent is dealing with stress in his or her personal life and has to talk to several online customers in a day. The agents are a source of promotion for the firm and are an integral part of putting forward the services of the companies; therefore, it is necessary to behave accordingly with the precious clients.
  • One should be prepared- A person should be prepared mentally on what to write beforehand. This helps in putting forward a work of sincerity. Absurdity and irrelevance of the topic are highly prohibited. Since there is no face-to-face meeting and everything is based on the meaning of words, an impressive usage of words is needed.
  • Generalise the topic- One must write everything in a general manner. Not to specify something on someone. The specification leaves a very bad impression and is highly unprofessional.

In virtual communication, everything is based on the network connection. At times, the internet connection breaks down. At the time when an agent is dealing with the customers, if some error occurs, the agent should feel sorry immediately and try to pacify customers for tolerance.

Customer referrals are important and must be considered by all the chat agents so that they can make all the required changes. In case they are not able to shape up the site according to the desire or requirement of the company, it can come out as a big issue for all time.

 Customer Marketing and Online Tool

Without a doubt, it is important to keep in mind that maintaining client support by handling the online tools accurately is very important. These clients’ marketing tools will help boost the sale of the firm in the right manner. Most of the time, the company might get the desired profit just with the client interaction, which is why it is important for the company to have the right set of chat agents who have all the required detail and information about the site along with the products that are sold by the company. Clients would get bound by the company just if the right information is provided to them. That is one of the reasons going through the details and understanding the right requirement of the customer is important. It is the best way of boosting the profit of the company in the much-desired way like it was expected.

One can even add up the Voice of the Customer Programs that can help in serving the great benefit. It will work in a way that the company can look for the client and their requirements in the perfect and the desired way possible. Moreover, it is vital to look for the support of the client as it will help in bringing more changes and much support for companies.

Master The Art Of Utah Property Management With These 5 Tips

Real Estate
Business concept. Paper house near spectacles on one dollar bank notes on paper with chart

St. George, a county seat of Washington County, is the major city in the southern part of Utah, with a population of around 100,000. The town is recognized as the ‘Year-Round Golf Capital of Utah’ & boasts around a dozen of excellent golf courses – where it is difficult not to be abstracted by the surrounding setting. St. George has become not only a popular tourist destination & gateway to surrounding dramatic scenery; it has also become progressively popular as the place to relocate & retire to.

In case you are the one who wants to enjoy the best of climate along with the lifestyle of St. George – you aren’t alone. Washington County has become one of the fastest-growing counties in recent years – growing by an amazing 50%. Several respected organizations, including AARP & Money magazine, have rated the St. George area as one of the best places in the country to retire and an ultimate place for Utah property management. And, as far as the home rental appreciating the value –the greater St. George area is number one in-home appreciation. In case you are thinking of looking for a suitable house, just go online.

Utah Cities which Made the top List

Logan, St. George, Salt Lake City & Orem all made Relocate Top 100 Cities to Live In, while CNN Money’s 2011 100 Best Cities to Live ranked following Utah cities – Farmington #12, North Logan #63, North Salt Lake #23, Lindon #81, & Draper #85. All such cities were largely selected for their family-friendly, safe, & quiet atmospheres.

  • Farmington is situated 20 minutes from Salt Lake City’s job market & cultural events. The place offers several homes for rent in Washington, Utah. Home styles range from turn of Century styles to affordable modern dwellings with an average three-bedroom house.
  • North Salt Lake is located in South Davis County, having severalrental property management Utah. It has a community feel, 63% of the job growth in the last ten years, a large industrial area, lots of recreational activities & diverse Utah homes that range from high-rent to reasonable.

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  • North Logan is a peaceful & friendly place with homes on large lots. Utah State Univesity is the largest employer in the town. Surrounded by the mountains, North Logan is two hours north of Salt Lake City with a slightly isolated feel. It is one of the besttownhomes for rent in St George, Utah.
  • Lindon is a suburb located 15 minutes from Provo near Utah Lake & Wasatch Mountains. It is recognized for its country feel & large lots. Median home prices are around $250,000. Manufacturing is a major source of jobs and some tech jobs, including Symantec. The town provides an aquatics center & senior center for its increasing community of retirees.
  • Draper is located an hour from Salt Lake City. It is well-known for hand gliding & paragliding, 70 miles of biking & hiking trails & it has a new outdoor amphitheatre that offers shows & concerts. Residents can enjoy the view of the Oquirrh Mountains. Local employers include eBay & Edwards Lifesciences.

Several other factors have helped contribute to St. George’s fantastic reputation. With amazing scenery in the area such as the Pine Valley Mountain, Snow Valley State Park & Zion National Park, it is the slice of Utah amphitheater world-renowned for its lovely outdoor spaces. Utah is also consecrated by the fact that they bear one of the lower crime rates in this nation. All these factors have combined to make the St. George area one that presents the highly desirable package for houses for rent in Saint George, Utah.

There are several other very attractive aspects to the St. George area. There is a new regional airport in the works that will certainly be integral in bringing more business to this area’s already thriving economy. So thriving, in fact, that St. George was the fastest-growing metro area in the nation. This area has also developed into a well-known golf destination with a great selection of courses to challenge the skills of any golfer.

St. George has developed into quite the place. With the flow of time, it is recognized that this place has come out as the finest place where one can enjoy their stay. With the business sector growing & the residential sector matching its pace, St. George is certainly the place to watch! So, all the ones thinking of living here make up the best decision.

With so much to offer its residents, including a great variety of communities and housing types, from condos to single-family homes, Utah is the perfect place to call home. Its diverse cultural attractions, recreational sports, and high quality and standard of living, high ranking schools and universities, together with its robust and growing economy, make Utah one of the desired places to work, live, & play.

Medical Billing Services


Medical billing service are companies that handle all aspects of the medical payment process. For example, the service provider files claims, collect insurance information, and follows up with the patient. In the United States, this practice is commonly known as medical billing. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a medical billing service: 1. Ease of use – Medical billing services are affordable, and they can be easily accessed online. You can even find a list of the top providers by searching for those that meet your specific requirements.

Using a medical billing service will free up your time to focus on treating patients. You won’t have to worry about coding or to fill out forms, or waiting for reimbursement. Instead, the team will take care of all these aspects for you. As a result, your patients’ experience will be improved, and your staff will be more efficient. Additionally, the team will be able to provide you with monthly reports and 24/7 customer support. And finally, you can rest assured that your revenue cycle will be smooth and efficient.

The best medical billing service will also provide a dedicated account manager and customer service staff. They will also have 24/7 customer support to answer questions and resolve problems quickly. This type of service is a great way to reduce the chances of receiving unexpected bills. You can also choose a company with a flexible cancellation policy. Some providers charge a small fee but can’t guarantee that they’ll meet your requirements. Some organizations are satisfied with a 9-5 service representative and call-based escalation process, while others need a customized solution.

A medical billing service may also offer complete revenue cycle management services. A full revenue cycle management service will integrate medical billing and revenue management functions. A dedicated claims follow-up will ensure that the medical practice is paid on time. For example, if you’re trying to catch up with the new ICD-10 coding system, it can take a lot of time. Missed billing can cost you money and negatively impact your ability to provide quality care to patients.

Medical billing services can help your organization save money in many ways. Not only do these companies reduce errors and improve cash flow, but they also reduce the costs of maintaining the back office. Moreover, a good medical billing service provider will provide 24/7 technical support, so you don’t have to worry about security. The exemplary medical billing service can increase your patient satisfaction. You will be more productive and get more patients with a better cash flow.

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A medical billing service can also help your practice save time and money. In-house staff cannot keep up with the latest billing rules, leading to errors and delays. By outsourcing this process, medical billing companies will ensure that the claims are filed correctly, and the reimbursements are maximized. This means fewer mistakes, which will save you money in the long run. It will also free up your time and money. In addition, a medical billing service will take care of insurance payments, making it easier for you to focus on other areas of your practice.

A medical billing service can automate and monitor your practice’s finances. It can also provide monthly financial reports and automated monitoring services. The information will highlight trends and confirm key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your practice. The data will help you make informed decisions about the future of your course. It will also ensure that your patient’s health is protected and that your finances are secure. In addition, a medical billing service will save you money in the long run by reducing your workload.

A medical billing service will work with your staff to ensure the security of your patients’ data. A medical billing service will be in charge of the collection, submission, and follow-up of insurance companies. The medical billing service will also manage all insurance policies and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. A healthcare provider needs a reliable medical billing partner to avoid any errors, ultimately leading to higher revenue. This is the best way to ensure that your patients’ information is secure.

How a Public Record Search Can Be Beneficial


Love them or hate them, public records are here to stay and have been for decades at this point. Doing a public record search can have a lot of benefits that you wouldn’t think of when first asked about the topic. Everything from keeping your family safe to keeping a little extra money in your savings account can be accomplished by using a public data search, but how exactly can it accomplish these things? Let’s take a look into the most common ways that public records help people in their day-to-day lives.

Public Records Can Help You Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Safe

Many people all over the world value safety pretty highly. No one wants themselves or their loved ones to end up in the ICU, needing years of intensive therapy, or worse because of circumstances beyond their control. Of course, there’s no way to predict these circumstances that we have no power over, but public records can give you a better idea of who in your neighborhood and community might pose an active threat to the safety of yourself or someone you care deeply about.

Arguably the most common use of public records for safety is the sex offender registry. This registry exists in every state as well as on the federal level, and it tells you who in your area is a sex offender. You can search by name and find out exactly what crime was committed, how long ago it was committed, and the name, address, physical description, and photograph of the offender. This registry is invaluable for parents and non-parents alike when trying to figure out who in their area is a threat.

Sex offenders don’t leave anything pleasant in their wake. In the best-case scenario, the victims of sexual crime need a lot of therapy to overcome the trauma that they were dealt by the incident. In the worst-case scenario, victims can end up in the ICU recovering from injuries sustained from their assaulter. These registries save people from that kind of suffering on a daily basis, and millions of people access them every day to find the information that they provide so they can better keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

A less commonly used method for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is looking into people’s criminal records. It’s a little trickier than just looking at the sex offender registry, but all you need is a good personal background check service. These services provide all sorts of invaluable information about people’s backgrounds so you can see for sure if they’re a sketchy person that you shouldn’t allow to be in your life. Criminal records are especially useful because they show you what crimes someone has been convicted of, but those are far from the only records that you can get from a personal background check service.

These services also provide arrest records, court records, active warrants, and a lot more. All of that information is incredibly useful for painting a very detailed picture of the person in question. Just because someone is arrested doesn’t mean that they actually committed the crime, just like if someone was acquitted, that doesn’t actually mean that they’re innocent. Being able to see their full background across multiple records allows you a very clear view of what type of person you’re dealing with. Many people that look into this information do, in fact, find that it’s a lot easier to gauge who is and isn’t a threat to themselves or their families.

Learn More About a City Before You Move to It

There are a lot of things that are considered public record. Statistical data is one thing that is considered a public record that many of us have seen, but not everyone puts two and two together. The amount of data that you can get about a particular city or region is staggering and might be a lot more than you’d realize upfront. All sorts of data is collected by every city, and while the raw data may be considered non-public, it is considered public information when it’s all been synthesized down into statistics.

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For example, you can find out which parts of the city are the most dangerous by looking at crime statistics. Each city collected these statistics, and you can easily find the data by looking online. There are even websites that allow you to search for this information by zip code and place filters on your search. Being able to specify if you want information about violent crimes, property crimes, or crimes, in general, gives you a lot of power when deciding what area you want to move to. This is useful for families, especially when combined with a sex offender registry.

You can also find out how well educated an area is generally and all sorts of other information about an area. The census takes data every few years about areas, and all of the information they collect that doesn’t point to a specific individual is yours to access. Public statistical records are great for everyone looking to be sure that they’re moving into a safe neighborhood for their children or just for themselves.

Using Public Records to Help You Make Some Money

Everyone needs money to live. Some people are very creative in how they go about obtaining said money. There’s a good chance that people are profiting off of parts of your life that you didn’t even realize were profitable. For example, do you know how some places charge a few cents for debit card transactions? The companies that do the payment processing are making money hand over fist from that. Just because their system charges you doesn’t mean that they aren’t making money from the store.

People also have some creative ways that public records can help them make money. The most common way that is actually used by nearly every investor is through business records. Every business that is publicly traded must provide business records to the public. Based on that information, you can determine if you think the company is worth buying into or not for yourself. Of course, investing in the stock market is inherently risky, and people lose their shirts even with this information, but it is still a tool used by nearly every investor on the market.

People also commonly look at laws that are being drafted to see how they might affect the stock market. Laws can have a huge impact on how the market acts. For instance, if for some reason water parks were going to be outright banned, there’s a good chance that the shares of every water park in the United States would plummet, allowing the investor to know that they should probably dump their stocks. This works both for stocks becoming more and less valuable, but if you decide to go this route, make sure you’re careful. It’s a lot easier to lose your shirt on the stock market if you aren’t.

People also use public records to advertise their services all the time. If you’ve ever bought a home, been in a major car accident, filed a lawsuit, gotten married, gotten divorced, had a child, or even had a loved one die, you’ve probably been inundated with mailers from companies offering their services. That’s because the records pertaining to those things are considered public records, and companies are aware of that, so they use it to their advantage. This method of gaining leads might not work for every single type of business, but it does work for a good number of businesses.

Law firms are especially notorious for this type of practice. They’ll gather a list of court cases that their firm could handle and send a mailer to every single person on the list. This method works because it breeds familiarity with the potential client, meaning that they’ll be more likely to choose that firm when it comes time. That’s far from the only type of company that accesses public records to help them advertise their services. First-time home buyers definitely see a lot of mail from all sorts of companies right after they move in, advertising everything from home warranties to general construction services.

Using Public Records to Improve Your Life

Most people interact with public records on some level every single day, whether they’re aware of it or not. Public records influence our lives even to the point of how much gas can cost. Fortunately enough, this information is easy enough to find on the internet, and knowing how to find it can help you improve your quality of life if you’re lucky and clever enough to do so.

***SpyFly provides consumers affordable, immediate access to public record information. Federal laws prohibit businesses from using SpyFly’s service to make decisions about employment, insurance, consumer credit, tenant screening, or for any other purpose subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq.**

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How to Tell If You Have Termites


Among other pests that are famous for causing structural damage, the most notorious are the termites. In the US alone, the cost of annual damages resulting from termite infestation amounts to approximately 5 billion dollars. Imagine an established termite colony can consist of millions of termites that are gradually destroying your home’s structure non-stop for 24 hours.

The truth is that termites never sleep. The workers of the termite colony unceasingly consume cellulose found in a plant’s cell walls and on wood (i.e. wooden furniture, wooden floors, and wooden walls). That is why detection of termites usually comes late and only when the structural damage becomes huge and visible. Frustrating, right?

Nevertheless, when it comes to these destructive pests, do we have to always wait for a major disaster to occur and for the damages to go full-blown before we take action? There is so much we can do to prevent termites from causing more havoc to our property. First, we simply need to take heed of the subtle indications that termites could be infesting our home.

Signs of Termite Activity

Here are things that will tell us that our home might be overrun by termites:

Mud tubes


It is termites’ nature to burrow into wooden structures. In the process, these pests create tube-like tunnels that are made of saliva, mud and dirt. These utterly visible mud tubes stretch to and fro the termites’ food source and usually appear on the external walls of the house. If you want to protect your home’s structure from weakening and crumbling down sooner or later, do not ignore this sign.

Weird tapping sounds


Termites typically make a tapping noise. This is their way of signaling the other termites for potential threat and they do this by banging their heads on the walls of their mud tunnels. The weird sounds they make may be heard from your walls, ceilings, under the floorboards, basements, and lofts. To confirm this termite activity, simply place your ears next to your wall and listen to the rattling sounds created by these notorious pests.

Wood damage


Clearly, having damages in the form of blisters on the wooden structures of your home indicates the presence of termites. Termites consume cellulose; hence, they are attracted to wood and dead trees. Wood infested by termites normally sound hollow when you tap on it. Once the wooden structure is severely damaged by termites, the safety and stability of the building become compromised. Another sign of wood damage caused by termites is the buckling or swelling of wood as if it is damaged by water. If you notice your floors, ceiling or other wooden parts of your house becoming swollen or deformed, termite infestation is a big possibility.

Bubbling paint


Termite damage also resembles water damage. One of the indications of such damage is bumpy or bubbling paint, which occurs when there is moisture build-up. This may be due to water or due to termites. Either way, you must get assistance from experts so you can have your home thoroughly checked for possible termite infestation.

Reproductives or Swarmers

Young winged termites are called “swarmers.” They are responsible for reproducing or increasing the termite population especially during the beginning of spring. After the swarming or mating process, these swarmers would leave behind their wings or even dead termites. You may find these discarded wings or termite corpses on your door or windowsills.

Termite droppings


Termites, specifically drywood termites, produce wastes that look like mounds of pellets whose color is similar to that of wood. If you see these wood-colored droppings within your home, you may be facing a termite problem. As soon as you can, you must contact a professional specializing in termite pest control to help you with termite removal.

Termites are known to be excellent sources of protein and beneficial to the ecosystem because of their natural tendency to make the soil rich and fertile. They have this innate inclination to eat or dispose of dead trees, thereby helping add nutrients to the soil, making it healthy and more viable for accelerated plant growth. However, since these pests tend to build nests in the soil near your home’s foundation or within wooden structure, depending on their species, they undeniably pose a great threat to human homes. In addition, some termite species may feed on other resources besides wood such as pipes or insulating materials. For effective termite removal and to save your home from acquiring termite damages beyond repair, call a trusted termite pest control company the moment you notice any of the subtle signs of termite infestation.