Seven Places That Make Dubai Gold for Real Estate

Seven Places That Make Dubai Gold for Real Estate

Dubai is a hub of numerous hubs, making it an attraction for many reasons, a place enriched with lifestyle and luxuries, with Madinat Jumeirah living a wonderful living style example. Yet nothing is more attractive to human nature than the pull of their religious beliefs, and given Dubai is home to people of various faiths, it houses some of the religious sites visited by people to rejuvenate their faiths and for sightseeing. Therefore, when we talk about the religious sites in Dubai it is hard to overlook the potential the neighbourhoods of these religious sites carry in terms of real estate. Down below we will be talking about some popular religious sites, where you can search for a villa for sale in Dubai that can function as a prosperous investment.

1. Grand Mosque

Spread over the expanse of more than fifty domes, this mosque boasts its mesmerizing grandeur. Although it predominantly serves for prayers and occasional sermons of Muslims, it is also famous among tourists and people who are interested in orientalism. Given the huge population of Muslims in UAE, the neighbourhood of this mosque is extremely lucrative for real estate.

2. Guru Nanak Darbar

Built only 8 years back, this temple of Sikhs has gained instant popularity among 50,000 Sikhs residing in Dubai. What makes Guru Nanak Darbar stand out for people who are visiting Dubai purely for tourism is the unique architecture of the temple that is built to resemble India’s iconic The Golden Temple. True to ideals of Sikhism, this Guru Nanak Darbar also welcomes people of different faiths.

3. Shiva and Krishna Mandir

This temple is the first and only Hindu temple of UAE, it was built in the mid-20th century when Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed granted the permission. Initially, it acquired a floor of a shopping mall but as the time passed the temple extended and took over the shopping mall completely. It is a place of worship for Hindus, an inspiration for architect’s and study for historians.

4. Saint’s Mary Catholic Church

The catholic communities were overwhelmed when the great late leader Sheikh Rashid granted permission to build a church in Dubai. As the time progressed this church kept getting larger and wider and eventually became the great Saint’s Mary Catholic Church of Dubai. Today, this church does not only serve the purpose of worship, Easter and Christmas, it also holds paramount importance for specialists, due to the interesting events that took before the birth of this place.

5. Jumeirah Mosque

This pristine-looking mosque is built with white stones giving it a holy aura. This mosque is unique for it welcomes people of different faiths. The great Sheikh Mohammed laid the foundation of the notable project i.e. ‘open doors, open minds’ and Jumeirah Mosque allow to realize this project effectively. Due to the openness of this mosque, the neighborhood surrounding is also very welcoming and diverse, making it one of the best neighbourhoods to stay in Dubai.

6. Ali Ibn Talib Mosque

Commonly known as Bur Dubai, Ali Ibn Talib Mosque is an Iranian mosque for people who belong to the Shia sect of Muslims. This Persian inspired mosque features an onion-shaped dome with Persian markings and elegant tile work along with azure blue and floral pattern in the background. Moreover, beautiful Islamic calligraphy is seen inscribed in rosettes. This notable Mosque is known to be so beautiful, that whoever steps inside finds themselves lost in the enchanting interiors, it was constructed in 1979 with great love and consideration making it a common tourist’s sight as well and ultimately adds value to the locality surrounding it.

7. Derasar Jain Temple

Since the Jain population in Dubai is on the rise, this temple allows the Jain community of Dubai to worship and pay tribute to their gods. This temple is primarily a house of one of the Jain deities called ‘Vimalantha’. The surrounding neighborhood of this temple facilitates its residents by providing access to public transport. Due to the unique architecture of this temple, it stands out and is considered to be a popular site for tourists.

Due to the extremely gainful opportunities, neighbourhoods of these sites pose, you can enjoy other luxuries in Dubai along with the sites mentioned above. Some luxurious places include Emaar Beachfront, Downtown Dubai and many more.

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