What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

If you or somebody that you care about has been involved in an accident that caused injury due to the negligence of another person it is best to contact a personal injury lawyer to help with the case. When it comes to the law, and the way that the system works it is always best to hire an attorney that knows how to navigate the murky waters of the courts.

As awful as it sounds, the truth is that whenever there is an accident that deserves substantial compensation the insurance companies that are responsible for the damages do not want to lose their money. It is because of this that each person that goes into court because they need to be compensated for money they owe, lost wages from not being able to work, pain and suffering or any other compensation that might be due to them they need the help of a seasoned attorney to keep the other side of the argument in check and honest.

A personal injury lawyer will:

  • Defend the client
  • Collect information
  • Show up to court dates
  • File paperwork
  • Talk to the other attorneys
  • Communicate with the bill collectors
  • Navigate the proceedings

Defending the Client

First and foremost the responsibility of the lawyer is to defend the client against cutthroat insurance companies that only care about the costs that they might have to pay in order to fulfill their obligation to the losses that the client suffers. We mentioned above that in many cases the other party will want to refrain from paying any money at all, or the least that they possibly can get away with.

Court can get ugly, and the other side of the argument will try to put as much blame on the injured person as they can. Twisting the truth, and bending facts are parts of the strategies that the opposing side will use. If they can make it look like the injured party was at fault for the injury, they will have a better chance at minimizing their obligations to cover the costs of injuries and suffering.

The accident injury lawyer will face the attacks with patience and wisdom so that they can rebuttal the arguments with facts and information that will be most beneficial for the client’s success.

Collecting Information

One of the most important weapons that an injury attorney can have in their arsonal is information. Any little pieces of information that are relevant to the case can be beneficial for the success of the client. A skilled and experienced lawyer will have an investigator walk the scene of the accident with a trained eye to see what happened and gather the pieces of information that will ultimately paint the whole picture.

By visiting the area, asking questions of residents (if possible) seeking out possible video recordings from cameras such as Rings and other surveillance equipment.

Pictures, recordings, statements and various other tidbits of information can bring a crystal clear picture of what happened and who was at fault for the accident.

Information is powerful when it comes to court trials and determining the facts about who did what.

Showing Up   

In most cases when a case is set for trial there will be no room for rescheduling or being late. Most of the courthouses are so full of people waiting to be heard that if something happens so that the court has to push the dates around there will be repercussions.

Yes, life happens and all kinds of unexpected occurrences can happen. The court does not care. Although there can be a little leeway, there is not much. Your lawyer will be aware of this and stand to ensure that your hearings will be on time and that everything that needs to be in place, will be.

Some cases are as simple as one court date, while others can drag on for years with multiple court dates. It all depends on the complexity of the case and the available evidence that both parties have to offer.

In any case, whether your case goes on and on for several months, or is quick and easy, your lawyer will be there for the scheduled dates. If they can’t make it, or you can’t make it, they will always have a plan in force that will ensure the safety and integrity of your case.

Filing Motions and Petitions

If you have ever had to fill out court paperwork you have a general idea of how painstaking it can be. For every court appearance and every action within the court date there has to be a  record of it. These records can be written or recorded digitally, but when it comes to filing motions, or petitions there has to be real paper with live, wet signatures in place.

Personal Injury Attorneys: Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer For Your  Case

Because of the structure of the court system, the documentation has to be specific and meticulous. It is the responsibility of the injured person to get all of their facts into order and into the right place. Having a skilled and experienced lawyer to sort out all of the different motions, and procedures that make up the process of the court helps tremendously.

Communication and Negotiation

Although there are court procedures that make the steps in the process official, there are also numerous meetings on the sides of the appearances that have great impact on the outcomes of each step along the way.

For example, if there is a certain amount of money that the client is willing to take as an offer, regarding various stipulations that are relevant to the actions of the other side of the argument, the lawyers from both sides can meet and discuss options and negotiation tactics.

If both sides of the trial are willing to talk to each other and hash out different objectives or plans for the best results of the case, things can go much smoother than if there is no communication.

An accident injury lawyer can be a huge asset to the case of the client simply because they know how to talk to people and how to approach sensitive subjects.

In the event that there is a cap, or a maximum allowable amount of pay that a person can get from the compensation of the case, your attorney can strike a deal with the other lawyer of the opposing party to get things over with and quickly move forward with the case. There is no sense in dragging out a case for longer than necessary, and a wise attorney will know how to cut things short, and when to make the cut.

Calming the Bill Collectors

Sometimes the court proceedings can be so long and drawn out that the medical establishments that provided care will begin to look for their payments. Although it is unfair to make them wait for their money, in many cases it is the only way to make sure that the responsible party pays for it, not the injured party.

When this much time has passed the medical facilities will look to the injured party for responsibility of the payments that are owed. The office of the attorney will stay in communication with these bill collectors and make their best efforts to ensure compensation to the bill collectors while protecting the client.

In many cases like this, the lawyer can negotiate a solution that will work best for all parties involved.


In essence, the personal injury lawyer is there to guide and protect the client while they are going through the process of getting compensation for the damages that the other party caused. Whatever it takes the lawyer to do in order to keep the status of the case on time and running smoothly. Whether it is making phone calls, filing paperwork, or justifying a case in the courtroom the lawyer will take care of. The end goal is always what will be most beneficial for the client and the success of the case.

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