What Are The Rights To Women In Traffic

Here is a topic for moms in traffic – whether they participate in it as drivers, co-drivers, passengers or pedestrians! http://www.passipatel.ca/ is here to help you

No, we do not want to promote women as good or bad drivers here. Although almost every man, but also a few women, would say that women are usually poor drivers, we do not consider that knowledge of traffic regulations and driving have anything to do with sex. It is, like everything else, one skill that gets in time.

After all, statistically speaking, women are far less involved in the crash, probably due to greater attention or because they have no urge to speed up and prove in that thought.

Since all traffic participants are either drivers, co-drivers, passengers or pedestrians, we need to know the basic traffic rules to avoid unwanted events. We are aware that an increased number of vehicles on the streets carry with them an increased risk of traffic accidents and damage that they carry with them. Damage apart from the material nature (in the form of damage to the vehicle itself) can also be intangible (for example, for the pain and fear of the participants in the accident).

That is why it is primarily a topic of compensation for damage in traffic.

What if a traffic accident happens?

Just because of the increased risk of damage caused by the use of a motor vehicle, the legislator has specially specified the rules on compensation for damage in this area. In the event of an accident, damage not only to the owners of the vehicles involved in the accident, but also to third parties (passengers, in-car passengers, pedestrians).

Responsibility of the vehicle owner in the accident

Regarding the owners of vehicles involved in the accident, the legislator foresaw that the rules on liability on the basis of guilt apply to their mutual relations, which means that the issue of compensation is exercised in the area of ​​subjective responsibility, even though it is a matter of damage caused by dangerous things .

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If the damage is due solely to the fault of one owner, he shall bear his own damages and owe compensation to the damage caused to another owner.

In case of mutual guilt, each owner is responsible for the total damage they suffered in proportion to the degree of their guilt, and if there is no fault of either of them, respond to the straight parts, if the reasons of justice do not require anything else.

Regarding the responsibility of the owner towards third parties, our legislation provides that vehicle owners are liable to third parties, regardless of their guilt, but their liability is solidarity. The rule of solidarity is envisaged in order to improve the position of the injured party.

The lawyer sought to protect third injured persons and granted them the right to demand full compensation from each owner of the vehicle involved in the accident or their insurance companies, and later they have the right to regress from one another, depending on the guilt.

Therefore, if you have been injured in a third-party accident, you can claim compensation for damages from both the person who killed the accident and the person who was not guilty.

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