Things to Avoid When Filing a Child Custody Case

If you are looking forward to winning the custody of your kids because of a separation from your ex, it is not an easy task. One of the reasons is that certain courts prefer joint custody or mutual custody. Parents on the other hand sabotage their chances of getting custody if they don’t take things carefully. Let’s have a look at the different things that you can avoid and help yourself win your child’s custody:

Avoid Late Arrivals When Visiting Your Kids or Picking Up From School

This might seem to be a very small thing and you might be thinking what’s the worst thing that can happen. But arriving late to visit your kids or neglecting them or picking up them from school can be enough to create a negative impression.

Also, it can be enough for you to give out the impression that you are not capable enough to handle your kid’s responsibility and lack commitment to your kids. You should always keep in mind that divorce or separations are very challenging for kids so it is very important that you make them realize that they matter to you the most.

Avoid Misusing or Possession of Substance, Alcohol or Drugs

This is one of the most important aspects of your entire case. It is important that you do not misuse any kind of drugs or alcohol when you are with your kids. Using these might seem to be the only way out of the messed up life you might be in but this could be something that your ex can leverage. Also, it can end up with you making poor choices and hurt your kid as well. Also, possession and consumption of drugs and alcohol can be something that could be added to your file and used against you.

Don’t Talk about the Negative Aspects of Ex’s Personality 

This might be something difficult for you as you might have had a tough time with your ex and still you might not be over it. If you have a grudge against your ex or you still feel angry about your past experience with him or her, try to keep them to yourself. Even if you come across a situation where your kid or kids ask you a difficult question about your relationship with their father, you can provide them with positive feedback.

It is quite understood that you might want to be very honest with them, even then make sure that you control your temper and your frustration and avoid bashing your ex-partner while doing so. You can, later on, vent things out to a friend you trust. You can even lighten your mood by watching some motivational videos on YouTube. One of the best ways to do so is to use CenturyLink internet service can get you affordable and high-speed internet service for your home.

Refusal or Ignoring to Follow Court’s Requests

If you are looking forward to winning the custody of your kids, it is very important that you respect the requests the court makes of you. You should always avoid refusing to do anything that the court asks you to do. You can take this in a positive way and show the court that you are committed and follow things that are best for you and your kids. In case the court asks you to go for parenting classes or seek some sort of counseling, you should adhere to their decision and do so immediately.

Don’t Create or Recreate Negative Stories

If you want to win the custody of your make sure that you do not invent any kind of negativity or negative stories about your ex. Do not plot or scheme unfounded allegations of any kind of abuse or put light on the negative traits of our ex’s personality. If you think that doing so will help you in any way, you are in grave ignorance. Also, any kind of lies that you present in front of the court will come back and can be used against you in the court. All of this will sum up and will more likely become a hindrance to winning your child’s custody. Make sure whatever you share is based on facts and can be proved in court.

Key Takeaways

In many states, there are different child custody laws that require the judges to consider things that are in the best interest of your kids. So if you are trying to win the custody of your kids, you must make sure that any kind of information that you present in the court should demonstrate that if you are awarded the custody of your kids, it is in the best interest and the well-being of your children. It is also a better practice that you should make sure that you refrain from doing any malpractices or things that go against the things mentioned above.

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