The State Of Indiana, Its Crime Rate, And How You Can Help Yourself

Security is something that should be taking seriously at all times. With criminals everywhere developing new ways to get what they want from people, the public is in constant danger. Fortunately, as these criminals develop, so is the industry of home security. As the years pass, home security is also continuing to develop new ways to help people in keeping their neighborhood safe, and when it comes to security, the state of Indiana, people would actually have a lot to think about.

If you have not invested in adt home security systems, then let these following numbers do the talking.


With more than 6 million people in it, Indiana is a constant in the top 20 most populated states in the country. 4 of its cities have surpassed the 100,000 mark with Indianapolis’ 866,351 and counting population leading them all. In a population this big, crime is something that should not be surprising which is why more and more people are starting to take home security more seriously.

Property Crime

Property Crime refers to the types of crimes that would involve a property being taken away unlawfully from its owner. Crimes of this category would include theft, burglary, vehicle theft, and more. In a pool of 1000 Indiana Citizens, around 5 people would experience burglary, 18 people would have something stolen from them, while 2 people would have to report vehicle theft. As compared to the country as a whole, Indiana’s burglary and theft rates per 1000 is actually above average.

Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes are crimes that you would not want to get involved in with it including the rather sinister crimes such as robbery and assault. In a rate per 1000 basis, the robbery rate in Indiana is above the country average with 1.07 while the rate for assault is right on the country average with 2.38. All in all, the violent crime rate in Indiana is a little bit above the national median which is quite a concern.

As a Whole

With 1 in 258 people experiencing a violent crime, and 1 in 39 for property crime, Indiana sits just right in the national average for these crime categories. Although these may be a bit of a concern, home security companies are working their best in order to help you keep your surroundings secured and at the rate that the industry is going, criminals would have a lot of catching up to do.

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