Air Flow Meter: Important Areas of Application

Every duct inlet and outlet should only contain the volume flow that is the basic requirement for a system to work efficiently. The measuring instruments – air flow meter is able to measure volume flows or air velocity at air inlets and outlets.

There are different designs of the flow meter. It is also available as an anemometer and can be used in a variety of areas. There are some sectors, particularly in the industrial field, where flow measurement plays an important role. In addition to duct measurement, these also include outlet measurement and filter measurement. It is all the more important for you to have a look at the individual instruments for flow measurement and to decide which of the models best meets your expectations.

The flow meter is a great help in these areas:

Duct Measurements

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The functional testing of ventilation and air conditioning systems includes monitoring the flow speed in ventilation ducts. If the air flow velocity and volumetric flow are not set correctly, the room air quality may suffer.


Air flow measuring instrument can help you maintain and install systems in the sanitary and HVAC sector. Ideal for measuring pressure differences at filters and for carrying out pitot static tube measurements in air ducts at air flow speeds.


Filter Measurements

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 Use measuring instrument in conjunction with a Pitot tube to measure flow velocity and volume flow really easily in ventilation ducts. Differential pressure measurement, e.g. to check filters in air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Outlet Measurements

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It is not only air conditioning systems that need to be efficient. This aspect should not be underestimated when it comes to duct outlets either. Outlet measurement is therefore another factor which needs to be taken into account in terms of flow measurement. The anemometer can be a particularly great help in this respect. Even small changes in volume flow can affect the system.

For flow measurements at air outlets and in ventilation ducts as well as for checking the supply and exhaust air at ventilation grills, plate outlets and swirl outlets.

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