4 Drain Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid at Home

4 Drain Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid at Home

A clogged drain is a common household problem. It can happen many times a year unless you take the time to learn how to fix it properly. Aside from being the main cause of poor drainage in a home, blocked pipes or drains can also have adverse impacts on human health. According to health experts, household wastewater contains bacteria, which spreads diseases and viruses among family members.

Using the right method and tools is key to clearing stubborn drain clogs in your home fast and easy. Avoid making these 4 drain cleaning mistakes that can lead to more problems and serious damages to your home.

Excessive Use of Commercial Drain Cleaners

Many believe that using commercial cleaners is the best remedy for clearing blockages on house drains. After all, they are widely available and can be bought at a cheap price. However, these liquid drain cleaners only offer a short-term solution and can be damaging to your pipes due to their high chemical content.  Frequent use of these liquids can cause deterioration and corrosion on your PVC and old metal pipes.

Using the Plunger Tool the Wrong Way

Plungers and drain snakes are very helpful in clearing minor clogs in bathroom and kitchen sinks. While plunging may seem like an easy task, many homeowners still don’t know how to do it properly. Incorrect use of plungers can only worsen the clogging problem you have at home. When buying this drain cleaning tool, do not hesitate to ask experts at the store to demonstrate to you the right plunging technique.

Unblocking Outdoor Drains with a Garden Hose

So, you’ve learned about the hydrojetting method, which is effective for cleaning drains and pipes—you thought you could do it at home too using a garden hose. Well, that sure is creative thinking, but there’s no way it can get the job done. Hydrojetting uses high-pressurized water to flush out debris from your pipes. The pressure from a standard hose is not enough to achieve that result. It will only cause water overflow and flooding in your property.

Neglecting the Regular Maintenance Needs of your House Drains

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is neglecting the regular maintenance needs of their house drains. That is the reason why you are dealing with stubborn drain clogs in the first place. Be a wise homeowner and schedule a routine drain cleaning service with your trusted local plumbing company.

Why you Should Hire a Pro

If you really want that stubborn drain clogs to go away and never come back, you need to ask for the help of licensed and skilled drain cleaning professionals. Depriving your house drains the regular cleaning and maintenance they need can lead to early deterioration of your plumbing system. According to experts at Resolved Home Services, among the signs that professional drain cleaning is needed in your home are slow-moving drains, multiple clogs, recurring clogs, foul smell, and flooding. Keep your home plumbing’s health in check by partnering with a reliable plumbing company in your local area today!

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