Gamestop Drug Testing

Gamestop is a publicly traded company that sells Xbox One X, game consoles, Nintendo, PS4, and a lot more. Read more about them here. If you plan to work with them, know that they are very careful in maintaining their public profile. They make sure that every employee who passes the screening is free from substance abuse.

If you are currently a new employee of Gamestop or you have just accepted a job offer from them, know that they have certain policies in place with regards to drugs. Their employees must have negative results and they need to pass random drug testing without any excuses. Failure to do so will result in job expulsion and other company fines that employees with positive results must face.

How to Pass the Company Drug Test

A urine drug test is the most common method used by companies. This is because it is inexpensive and the results are accurate. The urine test does not detect the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana which is the THC. Rather, it detects the non-active metabolites which result in more accuracy. If you are working in Gamestop, do not try to smoke marijuana prior to drug testing. If there are signs that the company will do a random drug testing, your safest option is to avoid any illegal substances for the meantime.

Excuses Will Get You Nowhere

There are times when laboratory results produce the so-called “false positives”. But this is not the case all the time. There are technicians who take care of the samples and do their work thoroughly so you can’t really count on the test as fallible. The lab collects the sample and the first screening is called immunoassay test. There result is confirmed as positive or negative with the gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. The two tests virtually eliminate your chance of false positives and instead get you the false negatives. This means that even if you are a drug user, there’s still a slim chance of metabolites not detected in your system.

With their reputation at stake, it is important to know that Gamestop will only hire highly sophisticated laboratories and technicians. Some substances that can produce false positives such as Motrin, Advil, and Nuprin had been taken care of. The GCMS made sure that any over-the-counter drugs cannot produce the false positive results that many employees experience.

If only a small amount of metabolite is detected, it is going to be considered as negative. There are certain thresholds that should be reached in order for the test to be considered positive. In the case of the US’ Department of Transportation, it observes a cutoff of 50 nanograms/milliliter. Even so, you must still be careful about smoking marijuana. Passive smoking will not excuse you to reach the threshold easily. This is applicable for extreme smokers who are using marijuana three times a week.

How to Pass Your Drug Test

Drink detox drinks in order to flush out the drugs from your system. Aside from detoxification products, there are other steps that you can do in conjunction with your drug test.

  • Do not drink alcohol prior to the drug test especially if you have smoked marijuana previously. This will increase your chances of getting a positive result. Drink
  • Avoid taking unnecessary vitamins and medications. The sample urine will look like it was contaminated and the technicians will even reject the sample. If you are under prescription for a certain medicine, bring the proofs with you.
  • Do not use any toxins and stay out from toxic environments. If your room is full of smoke from pot, then transfer to another room for at least 48 hours prior to the test.
  • Avoid foods that have high fat content. You should not eat butter, fried chicken, cream, sauce, and pork prior to the test. These foods will slow your detoxification and you might get into trouble.
  • During the test, make sure to eat only light meals.
  • Water is the body’s natural catalyst for detoxification. For at least a week prior to the test, consume a minimum of 5 glasses a day. Do not drown yourself in a single time. Instead, take sips throughout the day. Water will not only cleanse your body’s system, but it will also help you live healthily.
  • Aerobic exercises can help you a lot. However, keep it to a minimum if you are nearing the test. This is because the sweat can trigger more THC metabolites to show up on your test samples if you overdo it. It is recommended to exercise 2 weeks before the test to sweat out the metabolites.

Myths Regarding Drug Tests

Most people believe that drinking water is enough to flush out marijuana from their system. However, this is not the case at all. Aside from water, you should take detox drinks especially if you are dealing with drug testers that Gamestop has provided. Golden Seal is rumored to help many people pass their drug test. However, there are no in-depth studies to support this. Synthetic urine or samples that came from someone else is contrary to popular belief, not easy to detect. With synthetic urine, you just need to make sure that you achieve the right temperature.

Passing a drug test on short notice can be easy if you are living a healthy lifestyle. But if you are forced to pass a test on short notice, you can use last-ditch techniques to help you pass the test or to thwart the testers. Having a negative result can do wonders for you. Gamestop may even give you a promotion if you are good at your work and you are getting a negative drug test result. When all else fails, you have to know that you have employee rights to defend yourself. This should keep you out of a bind when things become difficult. Prior to the test, you still should do your best to pass it no matter what happens.

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