Sergio Aguero Scores 5 Goals In 20 Minutes – Fulfills Fans Fantasy

Sergio Aguero, the Argentine’s name has gone down in the books of history and for good reason. Aguero scored 5 goals in 20 minutes and 27 seconds. His performance against Newcastle United had fantasy football fans going crazy for all sorts of reasons.

There are only 4 other players in the history or Premier League who have scored 5 goals in a single match apart fromAguero. Joining this elite club of players is the miniscule man from Argentina who is currently playing for Manchester United. The other four players who have achieved the feat of scoring 5 goals in a single premier league match are Andy Cole, DimitarBerbatov, Alan Shearer and Jermain Defoe. This has been a delightful match for those who play fantasy football all over the world. Fantasy Football Managers are celebrating his victory with equal enthusiasm.

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The striker led his team to a spectacular win against Newcastle United by a 6-1 rout. The sixth goal was scored by a new player named Kevin De Bruyen, but the spotlight was on Aguero. Sergio Aguero will soon leave for his country Argentina, and join Gerardo Martina for national team duty as he also has two FIFA world cup qualifiers in 2018. The first match that he will play will be against Ecuador in Buenos Aires, and the second match will be against Paraguay in Asuncion on Tuesday.

Famous Five:

So, now there are 5 men in the history of Premier League who have scored 5 goals in a single match. Apart from Sergio Aguero who scored 5 against Newcastle United in 20 minutes and 27 seconds, there is Andrew Cole who scored 5 goals also for Manchester United against Ipswich Town on March 4, 1995 to win at 9-0. This was also the biggest home win in the history of Premier League. Then there is Alan Shearer who scored 5 for Newcastle United against Sheffield Wednesday to win at 8-0 in September, 1999. Jermain Defoe scored 5 goals for Tottenham Hotspur against Wigen Athletic in a classic 9-1 victory in November 2009. DimitarBerbatov’s also scored 5 goals for Man United against Blackburn Rovers in a 7-1 victory on November 27, 2010.

Aguero was pulled from the field three minutes after he scored his fifth goal by Manuel Pellegrini. The fans were going nuts, especially those who play fantasy football and had Sergio Aguero in their teams. He had nine touches and scored five goals. He has a total of 84 goals and has equaled Carlos Tevez in this this respect.

When Sergio was busy scoring goals, a fan offered Newcastle United boss Steve McLaren a brolly. Mike Ashley, the owner who has spent over £50 million is going to ask a lot of questions to McLaren. Newcastle has now slumped to the bottom of the table.

Pellegrini admitted: “Kun (Augero) is always a player who makes a difference.  He demonstrates every year what he can do. Last season he was the top scorer of the Premier League. Three years ago he decides the title in two minutes.”He said: “In the second half we got done by Sergio Aguero’s world class finishing.”

“We have shown today what our strengths and what our weaknesses are. The result shows we have to toughen up.

“In the first half we looked a very good Premier League team. In the second we didn’t.”

Wayne Rooney on the other hand has scored 5 goals in about 1477 minutes in the Premier League against Sergio Aguero’s 5 goals in 20 minutes. The 30 year old is having a tough time in this season.

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