Fun Things to do For Dates In Birmingham

Ah, so you’ve landed a date with that cutie you’ve been talking to. Whether that cutie is your spouse or is just someone you met on Tinder, you still very likely want to be sure that it’s going to be a fun date. Something that the both of you will remember for years to come, a really solid bonding experience. If you’ve found yourself asking “what are the things to do near me for a date?” but you have no idea you’re in the right place. We’re going to look at a few things in Birmingham, Alabama that are sure to leave the both of you with a smile on your face and some memories in your mind.

Go Go-Karting for Your Date Night

Nothing helps spur on a romance like a little bit of fun competition, and go-karting is a great way to get that in a safe and fun manner. The indoor go-karting course in Birmingham prides itself on its safety procedures.

This facility will provide you and your date with a helmet to make sure that your heads are safe, and that’s especially important considering that these karts go upwards of 50 miles an hour. Each kart also has capabilities for the employees to slow or stop the karts if there’s a hazard on the tracks along with dual disk brakes in each kart to ensure maximum stopping power.

Now, as it was mentioned, these carts can go upwards of 50 miles an hour. That’s double as fast as a moped, and almost as fast as freeway traffic in some parts of the country. They also have the ability to turn on a dime and the course can track the time of your laps within 1/100th of a second.

Go Out Axe Throwing with Your Date

You may be saying that axe throwing doesn’t sound like the most romantic place to take a date, but if you want to try and impress your date with your strength and accuracy while giving you both a chance for some friendly competition this is the route for you to take.

Birmingham’s best axe throwing range will provide you with an axe throwing coach to make sure that you and your date are being as safe as possible while throwing axes. If you are unaware, the game of axe throwing involves you throwing your axe at a target and you get points depending on where the axe sticks.

It’s a lot like darts in a lot of ways. Of course, they are two entirely different games and you throw the object very differently but there are a lot of core similarities between the two sports. If you and your date are up to some friendly competition this could be a great way to spend your date night. Just keep in mind, maybe don’t go too easy on your date until you know for sure that they aren’t going to win. You never know how your date might surprise you.

Making Sure Your Date Night is Memorable

It’s Spring and love is in the air once again. Everyone wants to be sure that they have fun with their date and have a very memorable experience. There are plenty of things to do in Birmingham. Whether you’re just starting to date someone or you’ve been married for forty years, fun is an important aspect of any relationship so you can be sure that things are staying fresh no matter how long the relationship lasts and Birmingham is a great place for lovers to spend some quality time together while having a

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