The U Mumba Team, Players and PKL Auction Techniques

Can U Mumba win their second PKL title in season 8. This is the question U Mumba fans may be asking ahead of the 2021 team players’ game.

Winning the title in season 2 could be their second title, losing to the Jaipur Pink Panthers at the end of season 1. Mumba looks like a determined team for season 3 again, as they reach their third consecutive final in 3 seasons.

Things didn’t go well for them in the following seasons compared to the first three seasons. They will be looking to go the distance in season 8 of the Pro Kabaddi League. According to reports, it is expected to start in the second half of 2021.

This document seeks to identify U Mumba’s potential strategy for future auction players ahead of the main event.

Players of U Mumba, Team and Auction Game Plan for the Pro Kabaddi League 2021

Identity Attackers

Mumba has been very blessed with quality attackers. Anup Kumar, also known as the king of the bonus, was their star striker for the first three seasons. Since then, Mumba has tried several others. The latter are Abhishek Singh and Arjun Deshwal. They both had a decent season last season. They scored 169 and 109 points for attacking respectively.

One of these can be kept by Mumba. They would like to find someone who is experienced in their planning.

Who Can Be Supporting Attackers?

Last season, Rohit Baliyan and Athul MS were their supporting strikers who also had a good season. But both of these attackers will start playing 7th for any other team in this tournament. It would therefore be interesting to see if Mumba could put himself at risk of releasing the two. They will still be able to choose to use FBM, but may not be aware that as one of these players or both of these players may want to make a lot of money at auction.

It is also possible that the U Mumba Team bought them both at a very high price. Top strikers are expected to keep the teams, so the selection of the auction will be limited which is why this could be one thing.

Apart from this, the franchise may want to vote for the likes of Nilesh Salunke, K Pranpanjan, Deepak Narwal, Vijay who in the past have shown themselves to be good attackers.

What About Self-Defense?

The defense was led by Iraz Fazel Atrachali. He was the team captain and was the main defender of the season. He scored 79 points. It is not a brainer that can be saved. Sandeep Narwal also had a great season with Mumba in 2019, which is why they would like to use him on FBM.

Some Coalition Defenders Unintentionally!

Harendra Kumar played in a private area and had a low season last season. Mumba may therefore be looking for other names. They can look forward to buying a successful Abozar Mighani under Fazel’s leadership. Surendra Singh was the second best defender in Mumba with 54 points to face. Mumba may want to buy him back at auction for a lower price or he can use him on FBM.

U Mumba players could return for the 2021 season

Mohit Chillar has had a few seasons of indifference but he is an experienced player. He has played for the Mumbai franchise so the management can look forward to bidding. It is also possible that they want to identify Jeeva Kumar who can show that she can add value to their team.

All in all, Mumba is likely to be one of the best teams to enter the auction next season.

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