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“FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION.” So the Image Office Cleaning in London has taken a step forward in cleaning the building or office and other services like caring of computer and communication equipments or maintenance of marble, granite and other materials. It provides various range of cleaning services of high standards in London and across the capital  It has successfully with stood the customer’s expectation for almost 10 years. It also serves best during emergency cleaning. For this reason it is a well known and well established company providing service in cleaning banks, firms, financial institutions, media and other corporate companies.


Image Office Cleaning was established in 2003 by Scott Bambridge (Sales Director) and Paul Hart (Operation Director).  Scott has experience in sales and marketing and implementation of contract with client during service period. Paul has more than 20 years of experience in cleaning and manages the commitments to the clients, staff recruitment and security. The management team of office cleaning in London has senior managers who have more than 40 years of experience in developing strong relationship with clients over years. The area managers have almost more than 10 years of experience in caring and cleaning of various prestigious buildings. The members of the cleaning team are trained and give their best in their work reflecting the excellence of the company. The members are passionate for their work, serve quickly within half hour and provide reliable service across the capital.


The office cleaning in London includes the following services:-

  • Office and general cleaning

  • Window cleaning

  • Building cleaning

  • Commercial carpet cleaning

  • Commercial kitchen cleaners

  • Computer and IT equipment cleaning

  • Data communication room cleaning

  • Corporate flat cleaning

  • Maintenance, cleaning and restoration of marble and granite and other materials

  • Caretaking

  • Waste management

  • Estate cleaning

  • Feminine hygiene and washroom services


The clean, healthy, hygienic environment for clients and staff creates a safe working surrounding. The company’s ISO 14001 ensures new and innovative ideas for improvement in reducing air, land and water pollution.

Some of the environmental initiatives of the company are:-

  • Adopting hybrid cars( recently added Toyota Prius)

  • Training the staff in environmental awareness

  • Recycling of cardboard, paper and cleaning machinery batteries

  • Using hand trigger sprays instead of aerosols

  • Use of pH neutral products

  • Use of biodegradable vacuum bags

  • Recycling of the containers and packaging of cleaning materials

  • Conserving energy and water consumption in all the equipments


The staff of the office cleaning in London goes through a selection process.

Their values added service to the staff includes the following:-

  • Respecting people

  • Good progression opportunities.

  • Fair salary above average

  • Fortnightly pay performance awards.

  • Site visits by local managers to build relationships with the staff.

  • Providing the best equipment and materials.

  • Surveys to improve management

  • Flexible hours, day-time cleaning or increased hours when needed.

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