Ice Hockey Balance Board Drills for Max Core Strength

One of the greatest favors that you can do for your core workout is to incorporate an ice hockey balance board into your daily routine. The amazing thing about working out your core is that when you do it,  you work out your whole body. As you balance yourself on a balance board, you are forcing muscles to flex that you probably didn’t even know that you had. If you want to maximize your core strength, here are a few drills that you can try out and feel for yourself.

Balanced Core Squats

When you balance yourself on a ice hockey balance board you automatically activate your core. The more you keep your core activated, the stronger it gets. Your core musles work just like any other muscles in your body, but the key is to make them flex. You can easily flex your bicep without having to think about it because it is something that is obvious, but your core muscles are a bit more subtle. They keep you balanced and can take much of the brunt work that you would normally give to your back.

Keep in mind that any time you do squats you want to be careful and mindful of the way you are holding your posture. The way to do core squats on a balance board is to, first of all, be careful. Balance yourself on the board just like you would as if you were going to stand there. When you get yourself situated simply go down for a good squat while you remain balanced. Squat down to the point where your thighs are at a 90-degree angle with your body, kind of in the shape of an “L” where your back is straight up and your thighs are level. Slowly bring yourself back up into a standing position. Repeat, and do 8 to 10 reps.

Balanced Core Pushups

Another way to build your core by using a balance board is to use it from a different angle. Although you are balancing, you will be balancing from a different perspective than with your feet. In order to do a pushup with the balance board, you can do it one of two ways. You can either balance your feet on the board as you push up, or you can balance your upper body on the board.

To balance your feet you will be doing an elevated pushup where your feet are slightly elevated and your hands are on the ground. You can get down on the floor as if to do a regular pushup, but place the tips of your toes on the balance board in a wide stance. Push your body up to the pushup position and do 10 pushups from the floor with your toes balancing from the balance board. You can really feel the burn of these pushups.

To balance your upper body, you can get into the pushup position but this time raise your upper body above your feet and do pushups off of the balance board. Spread your arms shoulder-width apart, but place them where you will get a good balance when you push up. Push up off of the board 10 times and see how it feels. For some people, these are very difficult, but for others, they aren’t such a big deal. It all depends on how much upper body strength that you have in the first palace.

Balance Board Workouts

Whether you prefer pushups or squats, or even just balancing on the board like a normal person it is all good for your core strength. Core muscles keep your balance and help to improve your overall agility and stamina. Working with a balance board regularly for a little while every day can seriously build your hockey game, and improve the way that you skate. Whatever exercise works best for you, go ahead and stick with that. What matters is that you actually DO the workout and keep doing it.

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