Advantages Of Lavender Essential Oil For Brain

Brain is one complex part of human body which requires a deep research and investigation in order to prove that a particular product works for it. Therefore scientists and doctors have researched a lot of products to know about their beneficial effects on human brain and out of all the natural products, lavender essential oil proves to be outstanding.

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Lavender essential oil is not only effective for the functionality of human brain but it is also quite useful for skin and body as well. It is also used for a number of other home remedies but the scope of this article is the advantages of lavender essential oil for human brain which is I am going to cover here.

Advantages of Lavender Essential Oil for Brain:

Below are listed the amazing advantages of lavender essential oil for human brain:

Treat Headaches:

Headache is one quite irritating situation, if you are prone to headache and migraine quite often, lavender oil would be a good natural treatment for you. The studies have shown that the use of lavender essential oil promote the feeling of relief among the migraine sufferers. Simply adding a few drops of lavender oil n your diffuser and using it for 30 minutes will go well.

Treats Insomnia:

If you have sleep disorders or you are suffering from insomnia, the use of lavender essential oil will prove to be beneficial for you. Studies have shown that smelling the scent of lavender essential oil for about half an hour before going to sleep promotes deep and slow wave of sleep among the people. The relaxing scent of lavender oil will go even as the medicine replacement for insomnia patients.

Reduce Anxiety & Improves Mood:

The use of lavender oil significantly decreases the blood pressure and heart rate. It is quite beneficial if you are low in mood or stressed. Inhaling the oil increases the power of relaxing alpha and theta brainwaves along with promoting freshness and activeness. The medicines for treating anxiety and blood pressure are harmful enough, using a lavender oil instead can give you lighter mood and reduces anxiety without any side effects.

Hair Care:

Lavender oil is also the best product for hair care as it is very effective on nits, lice and lice eggs. It also treats hair loss specifically among the patients of alopecia.

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